Fullmetal Alchemist – Brotherhood – 07

Ed and Al hurry to decode Marcoh’s research and discover secrets surrounding the philosopher stone.


This has certainly become a messy situation. It’s not a huge surprise that the military and maybe even the government was involved in something like this. We’ve already seen them capable of committing a massacre against the Ishbalans. So if they can do that killing some people to create Philosopher Stones really isn’t a surprise. Of course that doesn’t mean what they are doing isn’t a horrifying thing. It’s pretty ugly to think they were taking people from prisons and using them in experiments. I suppose you could say the people on death row would die anyways, but there is definitely a difference between execution and possible mutilations. They didn’t show what was involved in creating the stones so it’s all just in the viewers imaginations.

I feel bad for Ross and Brosh that they got involved in this. It is never a nice thing to find out the dirty secrets of the army you belong to. Plus considering Marcoh was present during the Ishbalan war it’s possible those civilians were used in experiments. It’s a lot easier to be part of the fighting force for your country when you don’t know the worst part of it. Well I guess those two will just have to figure things out for themselves.

The series really doesn’t waste time moving things along. Days just pass in the blink of an eye. The most striking part was with Sheska who did the five days of work in the blink of an eye. Still I guess it’s better than wasting some of the episode just to say time had passed. Sheska was a pretty fun character who plays into the comic moments this show tends to have. May get drawn into the books she reads, but the girl has a great memory. That kind of skill should allow her to find work depending on where she ends up looking for it. Just has to take care about getting buried beneath a mountain of books again.

Too bad for Ed and Al that they can’t seem to stay out of trouble. They might find out something by going to the lab, but they are also walking right into danger. Hopefully what they discover will be worth the trouble they are getting involved in. Those guys inside the building hardly seem the type to simply throw the brothers out. It could turn into a very ugly fight and that’s a problem since Ed’s automail isn’t quite at its best. You’d think Winry could have gotten the part out to them since she has had over 15 days. Well I don’t have the geography at hand so its possible that it has taken a long time to get out there. Either way those brothers might not be easy to find considering where they currently are.

Have to wonder whether Ed and Al will be able to get their bodies back to normal. I can’t see those two willing to go the route of sacrificing people just for their own sake.

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