Hayate no Gotoku II – Isumi In A Skirt = Win!

As some of you may know, I am deeply in love with Isumi. She’s mine, and if anyone so much as touches her I’ll kill them, she’s mine. Anyways this episode of Hayate was one of the best episodes they’ve ever had simply because of the fact that it had such a heavy focus on Isumi. Dear god it was awesome….oh Isumi…

Not only did we simply get to see Isumi, but she wore different clothes then normal and looked super cute, far more than normal. Not only a skirt but a top that was far different than normal too. It’s not that she’s bad normally, she’s awesome normally, but as Nagi said in the preview for next episode a change of clothes seem to make things far more interesting and super cute. A Hayate episode is always made better by the presence of Isumi. ISUMI IN A SKIRT = WIN!

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