[Video Games] Sacred 2 Review Copy Arrival

I recently just received in the mail my copy of Sacred 2, sent for me for free in order to review by the people over at Rocket XL. This is the second game I’ve been sent to review, the first being Blue Dragon Plus who’s review is already on the site under the Video Games category.

Anyways, all I really know about Sacred 2 is that it’s a role-playing game similar to Fable and kind of Diablo. You pick a class and run around doing quests and some of which are tied to a story progress while the others are just for better items. I hope to play though the game thoroughly but fast. However I have a feeling that with games like this it’ll take me a while because I have a tendency to do absolutely every little tiny insignificant quest, but look forward to the review when it comes out. Here are some shots of the game and of some of my new, um… “companions”, playing it.

The game box and disc.

More pictures after the jump.

A poster sent to me with the game, came outside the box in the envelope so may be an extra I got because I’m reviewing this.

Here’s a shot of Feito-chan sitting down to play the game.

And a shot of Nanoha cheering Feito on…(Oh yes, I have them – Post will be up soon with full pictures of Nanoha and Feito)

One thought on “[Video Games] Sacred 2 Review Copy Arrival”

  1. Sacred 2, heard it was slice and dice game like Diablo 2. Wanted to give it a shot, but when it finally came out, I loss the urge to get it.

    Anyways nice pillows.

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