Kurokami – 17

Kuro, Keita, Yakumo, and Riona head to the Holy Land to investigate.


I thought this episode was good, especially the fight. I don’t understand why they don’t try and use that tactic in more fights. It’s always these Motos fighting against each other with their contractees cheering them on, when half the time their contractee is providing some magic support. Just attack the damn Contractee. I’m glad Keita did it in this one; they just need to do it more often. It doesn’t even need to be the contractee, if you are a Moto and fighting against a strong person who is made even stronger by a weak person….um, just attack the damn weak person. It makes sense yet in so many fighting anime, not just this one, similar situations play out and they never just go for the weak person. Use your head a little in battle people…It was awesome seeing Keita just attack the contractee.

I had a theory or idea pop into my head while I was watching this that really didn’t have much to do with the actual episode. I have a feeling that Akane is going to somehow wind up being a contractee of Reishin. I don’t know why, but there is just something about her disappearance. The fact that Reishin doesn’t have a contractee obviously severely limits his power. It wouldn’t really fit with how most fighting anime go if there was this very easy way for Reishin to get more power, yet he doesn’t. Akane is now a Master Root, so it would be a perfect fit. Then there would also be the fact that Kuro and Keita have to deal with an either controlled Akane or something when they deal with Reishin. Something that would add drama to the fight and make it so they couldn’t just attack all out. Again, I have no real reason to think that Akane would team up with the bad guy, but it’s just something I can easily see happening. Reishin wants power so forming a contract would fit, he’s too important to form a contract with an unknown person they just introduce at the last minute, it would give an interesting and exiting way to reveal where Akane is instead of just saying oh, there she randomly is. It would add drama to the fight as they have to worry about not hurting Akane or trying to defeat Reishin while freeing her or convincing her to come back. It just fits.

3 thoughts on “Kurokami – 17”

  1. “I have a feeling that Akane is going to somehow wind up being a contractee of Reishin”

    What are you, a psychic lol?

    There’s something weird about Kuro, that’s probably the reason why Reishin is doing all this.

  2. lol, no not a psychic, and I haven’t read the manga or read any spoilers, I just have seen and read a lot of different plots and have a “feeling”

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