Valkyria Chronicles – Kloden Battle

Well things are moving along nicely. Seems like they will be able to develop the main characters though I do wonder about the side characters. At any rate Kloden was handled well and allowed some interesting development to continue between Alicia and Faldio.


I think the battle itself was pretty well done. When you don’t have health points to deal with anymore have to avoid the main characters getting hit too often. Still they allowed Alicia to take some damage, but the girl really showed her guts in continuing to press the attack until Welkin stopped her. Wonder if Faldio’s speech was a bit too much since she really jumped into it. Pretty lucky that the snipers didn’t have great aim or this episode might have been more tragic.

It’s always something to see Welkin use his head to come up with these strategies. This time he used the animal trail to lauch a surprise attack. The winged pig Hans saved the day. Guess they are a real group now since they have a mascot and everything. But really it seems things are going better and these victories really do help solidify Welkin’s position with the squad. Winning that bet was huge since Rosie and Largo have such a strong presence. Really goes to show you how an intelligent commander can change everything. If Welkin didn’t come into this than the general of the regular army would have lost the war a long time ago.

The show is doing a good job slipping in the various weapons. The anti-tank lances got used this time along with granades, machine guns, and the regular rifles. There are plenty of interesting weapons and look forward to the show handling upgrades and tech changes that are bound to occur during a war.

Overall I’m liking how the story is developing along with the battles.

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