K-On! – School Festival, Now What?

Well the title pretty much sums things up. What now? I was surprised that so soon they came to this kind of climax point in the show. Obviously the show isn’t over yet. Hell, I like the show enough to really want it to have 24-26 episodes, but I have a feeling it’s only going to be 12. Still, forming the band, dealing with real life problems while in the bad, and practicing and having fun together have all been handled in a rather impressive pace. This episode kind of took all that and made a nice almost ending point. They were able to pull together and do a concert which everyone really liked. Now, the preview talks about a Christmas Concert, and I’m sure there are other small events that they can practice for but I’m just wondering what else they can do now. As far as the bad stuff goes they seem to have covered a lot of the important points in preparation for this concert. What, if anything, are they going to do in preparation for the Christmas concert?

I do have to say that although I kind of made it sound like I just want them to do the serious stuff that focuses on the band and getting ready for concerts I really do love the parts of this series that focus on some lighter moments. I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of those in the following episodes simply because as I described, there isn’t too terribly much else, but that may end up being a good thing. Getting some of the heavy and more serious stuff out of the way now may just lead to more of the episodes with that slice of life aspect I really liked.

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  1. Incidentally, the show will have 14 episodes on the DVDs/Blu-Rays (probably only 13 episodes will air on TV). So yeah — that probably explains the pacing, to a degree.

  2. Er… There is no Christmas concert. Not of one that I know of anyway unless the TV writers plan to give it some sort of twist by inventing a filler for it. ^^

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