Fullmetal Alchemist – Brotherhood – 04

The Elric Brothers meet Nina and her father Tucker while a serial killer continues to target state alchemists.


I knew this was coming and yet it was still painful to watch. Poor Nina had to endure something that was just wrong. She was just a kid and trusted her father so maybe the betrayal never really hit her. But that is all the more reason why this was a horrible act to commit. Turning his own child into a chimera just so he could continue to keep his status as a state alchemist! He should have realized how terrible the act he was committing when he did it to his wife. Tucker ended up hurting the people he should have been trying to become a state alchemist for. What is the point if at the end of the day you have destroyed everything and are all alone? I just can’t understand that man who must have lost his mind along the way.

I feel for Ed and Al who had to see this event first hand. Spending time with Nina and really coming to care about the girl. It’s a hard thing to endure to walk into the room and realize that there is nothing you can do to help her. It’s so much easier to ruin a life than it is to undo the damage. Kind of reminds me of Zelgadis from Slayers except the chimera form here is just tragic and you can’t even pretend to be living normally. I would have been right with Ed in beating the hell out of Tucker. It’s a good thing that Al and Nina were there to stop him since he might have just kept on punching until he had nothing left in the tank.

Another important thing is the guy going around and killing state alchemists. Honestly if he was just killing guys like Tucker it probably wouldn’t be so bad having him around. For now we can only see his motives in the religious tone he has mentioned. It will probably take some time before his motives are fully revealed to the public. For now he is a dangerous foe that could go after Ed at any time. It has been made clear that he can handle a strong state alchemist and that underestimating him would mean death. I feel mixed about his killing of Nina. Personally wouldn’t want the girl to die and yet it might have been a kinder fate than living on as a chimera. Either way her father would be arrested or killed so her fate wouldn’t be a good one. If Tucker hadn’t done anything to her I can’t imagine the guy would have killed Nina. She really is just a victim in all of this and we can only feel sorry for her.

Overall it was a pretty sad episode to watch. Having seen the original series the end result was known which made it only harder to follow. I can only imagine the shock for the people watching this show for the first time.

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