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I’ve always wanted to use programs like Twitter and Flickr, yet up till now I haven’t very much. Now that I have a much more capable phone in which I can use Twitter and Flickr more, I’ve decided to…well…use it more. I figured a good jump start to using both more, probably Twitter more than the other, would be posting my information here so anyone who reads can follow me or just check it out.

I figured it would be good to not only make this post about my information, but mention another writer here’s information. Scottfrye has been using twitter a hell of a lot more than me so I figured I’d put his information here as well as mine. If you want you can follow either of us on twitter or flickr, as we both have accounts. Scott doesn’t use flickr much, but uses twitter a lot, and I’m planning on using both, twitter a lot and flickr for some of my figure pictures. Anyways, if anyone wants to follow us, I encourage it, especially as I have practically zero followers on twitter and would love for more, enough for people to maybe actually comment on stuff.

Xebek’s Twitter & Flickr Information:

Twitter: Xebek
Flickr: Xeby-chan

Scottfrye’s Twitter & Flickr Information:

Twitter: scottfrye
Flickr: scottfrye

Anyways, that’s pretty much it. Flare isn’t a big user of either site so he’s not included, but if you want to add and follow either me or Scott, here is our information. Feel free to post yours here too for anyone who reads and wants to communicate with us at the site and others who read it.

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