Tears to Tiara – 04

Arawn and the others arrive at Avalon.


Disclaimer: I don’t feel like pretending I don’t know what is going to happen, and writing a section without spoilers and then one with them, as I’ve played the game. This post will contain massive spoilers to the whole plot. If you don’t want to be spoiled, then don’t read on. I won’t spoil anything simply for the sake of spoiling it, no needless spoilers, but they will be there. Final warning.

I have noticed that Riannon still hasn’t mentioned that she has figured out what Arawn’s “True Name” is. On one hand I think this is going to work out better than if they had followed the game, because without knowing the beginning of this name its more of a surprise when they introduce in a flashback someone with that name. Perhaps it will be more of a mystery that Arawn is the person. That’s hard to explain without spoiling but that’s one of the biggest parts about the whole series so I’ll at least refrain from mentioning that.

I’m curious now how they’ll introduce Llyr. They already showed Gaius approaching the beach and when he does that, they are supposed to have already met her. They need to be at the beach before the arrival of the boats because they can’t just find the seal skin and roast it for fire if they are under attack or threat of attack. However looking at Llyr’s designs, she does wear the seal hat so I’m wondering if the PS3 version even completely changed about how she was introduced.

I’m very concerned with what I saw in the preview for next episode. They show their meeting with Taliesin already, and that isn’t supposed to happen for a while. They are really moving things up with that and Gaius arriving near the island. They are just skipping all sorts of things. ON one hand, it’s somewhat good because the really interesting plot doesn’t happen until closer to the end, but they are skipping some of the character development. I really think Taliesin is a gravely important character, more than other people seem to realize and I hope that them pushing his meeting up won’t mess tuff up too much. I suppose their first time meeting him isn’t too important, as they kind of just say, “Too bad you won’t help” and then leave. However the other times are much more important and they better not mess them up because they are trying to fit things in.

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