My New Phone, Blackberry Storm

I recently took a good look at my cell phone. Now, even though I don’t use it very often it felt like something was wrong. I took a look at the electronics that surrounded it, a nice shiny giant monitor, a gigantic custom built desktop, a very nice digital camera and pristine handled consoles. This phone was surrounded by very sexy looking machines, yet the phone itself was just…..out of place.

The phone in question was a five year old RAZR which was being held together by scotch tape and had more scratched surfaces then unscratched. I finally decided that this piece of crap phone didn’t deserve to be amongst the rest of these electronics, so I decided to do something about it. Now, if you aren’t an idiot and could read the title, you’ll see that I did in fact get a new phone, a Blackberry Storm, and am here to tell you about my newly acquired piece of technology.

Now I’m not really going to do as extensive review of this phone, as its been out for a little while and there are much more tech extensive sites who have already done in depth reviews, but I’ll just give my personal impressions.

I don’t really need the phone for very extensive purposes. However this phone will be the first phone I have with full internet access. So far I’m loving that. I can’t really compare it to other phones with internet, but so far I see no problem with it. It’s a very reasonable speed and having a nice browser is very helpful. I’m still configuring some of the email stuff, but like any phone it’s got email and browser functionality that so far works perfectly fine. I don’t have a lot of need for other weird applications that other phones may have. Just simply extra functions like playing music, an internet radio, and some solitaire game and I’m good.

I don’t use flickr or facebook very much, though I have accounts with both and I’m hoping that having its phone with applications for those sites will get me to use them more. My twitter account is: if anyone cares, as I said I don’t update it very often now but when I begin to I’ll announce it in a quick post so you can go ahead and start following me now if you care.

As for the touch screen on this phone, I love it. It is quite weird and different but I haven’t had any difficulties or problems with it. Like anything new it takes some getting used to. You don’t really need to press very hard for the screen to click and once you get it in your mind that you have to press down it’s not an inconvenience.

Anyways, those are just my quick first impressions. I’ve had the phone for less than a week, and am still adding some customization to it, but I feel hopeful about the phone. Here are some pictures of the phone and my current wallpaper for it, and everything.

A pretty plain old box…

The phone in its silicone case there, a charger and cable for syncing. The headphones are pretty impressive as they not only are headphones it has a little bud a ways down the cable with a button for pausing media playback and it also answers calls and serves as a impressive microphone for actually talking while the phone remains in your pocket.

Just a kind of blurry shot of the phone while the screen is off, it does gather fingerprints but it isn’t too hard to wipe clean.

The back, pretty plain.

The phone on and full application page shown, still not customized yet.

My K-On! wallpaper, what can I say, I’m a sucker for Mio and Yui.

Hatsune Miku talking on my new phone…

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