Kurokami – 14

Kuro, Keita, and the others try and rescue Akane by attacking the Kaionji headquarters.


I thought this episode was great. Overall I think this show is improving a lot more than I thought it would based on some of the earlier episodes. I really just cheered for Keita when he busted in and broke up Sawamura’s speech. I wanted him to shut all the Master Roots up by totally kicking ass as a sub. I also thought it was about damn time Yuki did something. Although I don’t like her and wouldn’t want her o kill Yuki it was a bit boring seeing her just bitching about everything, at least she got up and did something. Hell, if it weren’t for the preview showing that she still hadn’t off’d Akane, I’d have said that she already did it but because there is still a scene in the preview of her holding the gun up I’m guessing it’s not going to happen.

My main concern right now for this series is if they are ever going to reveal any special qualities Keita has. So far he’s just revealed to be some random sub that happened to contract with Kuro. It seems a bit of a stretch for a sub with absolutely no special qualities to have survived this long. There has been numerous times where they’ve shown Keita having an enormous amount of terra, yet kind of regaining it. Sure he fell into that small coma just a little bit ago but it still seems odd that he would e able to do all he’s done without being something else entirely. This really has to do with the whole statement I’ve been saying from the beginning. KURO AND KEITA SUCK! They couldn’t even beat Steiner way back when, Steiner in turn couldn’t’ beat Reishin who in turn couldn’t beat Raiga, so how are Kuro and Keita ever expecting to beat Raiga themselves? Unless they do some serious revealing of Keita having some hidden power or just simply change something they’ll never be able to do anything really, which makes them a kind of poor main character.

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