Slayers Evolution-R – 13 [Final]

The fate of the world rests on a desperate fight to stop Shabranigdu.


Ok I just have to ask how the heck does Pokota survive? Seriously we’re just supposed to buy that Rezo somehow did something to save him? At least just kill off Pokota if your going to have him stop Shabranigdu long enough to attack. That effort should have wasted his soul. Rezo had no body and thus no way to send Pokota out. Besides they were caught in a Giga Slave, nothing should be getting out of that thing anyways.

Still this episode was probably the best of the entire season. You got some pretty nice moments with some classic music kicking in when they were fighting Shabranigdu. Besides it was something to see the Giga Slave in action again. I guess the Talismans were supposed to replace the Sword of Light in comparison to the first season. To be honest the plan was pretty flimsy. It pretty much included using one of the most powerful spells in black magic repeatedly and then expecting to have enough magic to use the Ragna Blade in the end. I know they were desperate but was that seriously the best they could come up with? At least it worked out and if you’re going to reuse villains it might as well be a strong one like Shabranigdu. It was good to hear some of the old songs again when they were giving it all they had. Lina also got some nice monologue time remembering the dangers of the Giga Slave.

Here is hoping that Rezo is dead for good this time. That guy has come back one too many times in the history of Slayers. There have to be other obstacles to overcome other than the Red Priest. That guy has lead to the deaths of far too many people all for the sake of his eyesight. Someone should have just lied and said the world is incredibly ugly and it was in his best interest to not have any way to see it.

Final Words:

In the end you could really call Revolution and Evolution-R filler series. If you look at how Revolution started and how Evolution ended there really is no major difference to the characters. Zelgadis is off on his own probably looking for a cure to his body, Amelia is doing her princess thing, while Gourry and Lina are looking for a new sword. Taforashia really can just be tucked away and never remembered. The world was saved so you can’t say nothing of consequence happened. But really they just went and reused old ideas from the show with newer animation. It just came down to killing Shabranigdu yet again with the Giga Slave. It wasn’t even much of a fight since they were only fighting some things he was shooting out at them. Try was also original content, but to its favour it did do its own thing. The OP for Evolution-R should have made it clear they were just going to dip into the past both with Rezo and with Shabranigdu. The story was just alright since you pretty much had an idea where things were going.

Another issue was with the characters. Zelgadis and especially Amelia just felt like passengers they were bringing along for the ride. Neither one was particularly effective in a fight. It just felt like they were around mostly for getting injured. They had to limit the damage to Lina so she could save the day and injuring Gourry too much would just get repetitive. If your going off the novel path anyways why not give them something so they can be a little useful? They haven’t advanced at all since the end of Next. It was nice to see Xellos again since he did have a role to play in this. Besides he got to use some nice moves which at least made him visually worthwhile.

The music was fine especially in the last episodes where you got some very familiar tones. It almost made you think that it was the good old days of Slayers. At least one can leave this series satisfied with that side of things.

I don’t think you can complain that much about the animation either. While I think Zel looked better the old way the overall feel was good. They could really show off the techniques and make things look nice.

In the end Evolution-R will depend on your expectations and how comfortable you felt with the direction they went in. When hearing about a new Slayers series I was pretty excited about it. I had no idea where things would go, but if it meant going back to Slayers it couldn’t be that bad. In the end the series felt disappointing and below average. They just failed to go their own way with this series. We ended up having yet another fight against Shabranigdu and giving Gourry a replacement sword of light which of course broke by the very end. They left things open to a new season. I just wonder if it would be worth it to actually make a new season down the road. If this is the best they can do it might be better to leave Slayers to memory and re-watching of old seasons.

I would probably put Evolution-R just ahead of Revolution and well behind the Original, Next, and Try. Sometimes you can bring back the past and sometimes you can’t. If you really enjoyed the original series it would still be worth watching.

2 thoughts on “Slayers Evolution-R – 13 [Final]”

  1. I agree on your comment regarding Zelgadis and Amelia. They were underused in the entire series and their limited dialogue was way to simple. Overall, it feels like they put the effort in resurrecting the Slayers franchise without investing into the storyline and character development. However, I still enjoyed the series; I like that they kept the look of the characters close to original and same voice cast.

  2. Apparently there was a plot from the novels about another person who had a piece of Shabrinigdo in him that they could have used if they wanted to tread that ground again. Instead we ended up with two recycled villains. People may have hated Try but at least Rezo wasn’t in it. I guess Zannafar isn’t “recycled” since he was only ever mentioned off screen but that whole arc felt like a needless distraction.

    But that’s not to say there was nothing enjoyable about the series, but it would have been nice to see them face another major villain. Why not Dynast? He’s practically a blank slate of a Mazoku Lord, there’s alot they could do with that. *sigh* Well since this series didn’t really well its questionable if they’ll make more.

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