Kurokami – 13

Kuro and the others fight off an attack from the Mototsumitami’s of the Kaionji group while Keita lies in a coma.


This episode was amazing. Six months passing by really does seem to put an interesting situation into the mix. I’m interested in them showing some of the new Moto’s people sense of direness to everyone’s situation, and the fights they had were pretty interesting too. Plenty of new characters, some new gadgets and attacks, it was a lot of information crammed into this one episode and I was very impressed. I really hope they keep up this pace because if they do the series will just be so much better. As I said it was interesting seeing some new characters, like the Motos that the Kaionji group gave to the Master Roots. Six months does seem to be enough time for these Master Roots to be paired with Motos, so it’s not odd to all of a sudden seeing these characters with them. However some of them do seem interesting so I hope they give them a little more development. Not too much, as they are bad guys that are just kind of there to stop the good guys and slow them down, but there could still be some small interesting things there.

One thing that really got my attention, and kind of surprised me, was how much things seemed to change. I wasn’t expecting a time jump at all but here we are six months later and Sawamura is already obviously planning on total world domination basically. It is nice thought o finally see his plan into action, as it was a little tiring just effectively guessing what the hell he was going to do. Right now he does seem to be a better bad guy then Reishin thought just because he isn’t so much about brute force but is cleaver and smart about things, manipulating people like Akane and Yuki and things like that. His talk of Reishin only having “disappeared” interested me, as it gives the possibility of him returning. If he does I’m pretty sure it won’t be in the same fashion. He won’t be the main bad guy, if anything will help to take down Sawamura if only for his only gain. Still, I don’t think that’s going to be a very prominent thing. It seems like this will be about how much the world has changed.

2 thoughts on “Kurokami – 13”

  1. Yeah, this was one of the best Kurokami eps in a while. I liked the sudden change of pace. Hopefully we’ll see some more good stuff to come.

  2. Kuro finally gets a new outfit!

    But yeah I hate KURAKI. He can go to hell soon.

    Damn, Why those things gets me INTIMIDATED to me bcoz I was totally run out with anime shows but only 2 shows!!

    Sora wo kakeru shoujo & Kurokami till it gets me on my nerves. Son of the btch……

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