Tayutama ~Kiss On My Diety~ – First Impressions

This series is pretty much what I expected it to be; in fact it’s even better. I figured it would be much more full of random ecchi moments for no reason with slapstick humor, but so far it isn’t anywhere near as mindless as I thought it was going to be. There is of course some of that still, as it is that genre however it’s not as much as I thought. Hopefully it won’t fall that way. Most people still won’t care for this series anyways, as they are stupid stuck up idiots who seem to want all anime to be an epic story worthy of awards but just seeing this anime as a fun show to entertain; I think this will fit that nicely.

I am curious as to the balance between comedy/romance development and plot. It’s a tad unusual for a show like this to reveal so soon what the overall serious point of the show is going to be, which is to capture these three bad spirits. It seems like they have the perfect set up for some classic and clichéd, but still funny and entertaining, content like Mashiro perhaps transferring to school or just dealing with her being adamant about being an actual wife. I do hope they don’t focus too much on the “plot” as shows like this don’t have very good actual story to them, so spending too much time on it is just a waste when they could be spending it just doing funny stuff with the characters and their situation.

2 thoughts on “Tayutama ~Kiss On My Diety~ – First Impressions”

  1. Thought it was an alright first episode. Might have been more entertaining to have the loli form chasing the spirits for the whole series :). I worry a bit about the lead since he kind of missed the whole accepting a proposal thing. Don’t know abotu Mashiro’s voice since it’s just a little too high pitched.

    Still should be a fairly entertaining series.

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