What The Hell Did They Do To My Tears To Tiara Character Designs – Comparison of original PC game & anime characters

As several of my past posts have indicated, I have played and beat en the Tears to Tiara game, I did so before watching the new Tears to Tiara anime. Now, for those that don’t know there is the original PC release of the game and then a recent PS3 remake. The anime is based off of the PS3 remake. The most notable changes between the PC version and the PS3 one is simply updated character designs and probably a couple of extra scenes or dungeons. However, this post is about the character design updates. I didn’t see what the characters looked like in the PS3 version before playing the PC version. It was only after I beat it that I got a look at what the characters look like in the PS3 game and new anime and OH MY GOD! THEY ARE HUGELY DIFFERENT! And that’s what I’m going to rant about here. After the jump there is a big picture showing the comparison of the characters.

Big picture comparison after the jump.

(Clicking picture links to larger size of the picture.)

As you can see here from the picture, borrowed from Sanaku Complex, this is just immensely different in so many occasions. My first thought was of horror upon seeing this. I just spent a good 25 hours playing the PC version of the game. That involves pretty much staring at these character models of hours upon hours while I listen and read text. These character models got so ingrained in me that upon seeing these new ones, it’s just…..a total shock… I’m almost speechless, but not so speechless that I can’t rant about it.

First, before I get into some of the more meaningful stuff, I’m going to go one by one down the list of the characters pictured above and point out the changes and why to me personally they are mostly bad. Although they may look nicer to someone who hasn’t experienced the game or anime, after really knowing the characters, I’ll give my impressions.

Arawn: Arawn isn’t actually that bad. It’s mostly the same, except he looks MUCH younger. It’s not that gif of a deal, but in the PC version he comes across as much wiser and having things planned out. His age gives him a kind of way about him that shows he’s just in charge; a younger version may have less of that.

Riannon: Riannon is a pretty damn big change. I mean, just look at the picture, different hair color and style fortunately though, her new look doesn’t really seem to give off the feeling of a different personality. However since she’s such an important character, such a drastic change like that does kind of have a big impact, but as I said the look does give off the same feeling of her personality.

Arthur: This one is HUGE, and probably the one I have the most trouble with just based off of how important he is and how different he looks. I mean, just look at it. Not only does he look completely different, but he looks give off different personality impressions. He is supposed to be young and naïve, but meaning well. He seems far too powerful and experienced in OP I saw, not to mention he’s not got some weird gay fur model thing going on with his exposed stomach which isn’t good at all…

Morgan: Moragn seems like she’ snot that different, but I just can’t get over it for some reason. She seems too different. From the video I saw and the picture she seems like she’s too….smart and strong. She’s supposed to kind of have this charming quality of being naive and not knowing what’s going on, but having a strong heart of wanting to do stuff. She’s supposed to be very childish; she seems too mature, mentally.

Octavia: She doesn’t actually look that different, and honestly does look a bit better. This is one of the only characters that looks slightly better and not THAT different. Plus she’s not that important anyways, so it’s not a HUGE deal either way. Why can’t the important characters have little but better change…

Ermin: This is…a huge difference. I’m not quite sure what to make of this, as Ermin is a kind of weird character. She has some quirks and is fairly funny. I actually have a feeling that the look gives off the same kind of personality, the innocent naivety, the mischievous, yet are just drastically different.

Limwris: She doesn’t look that different. The picture seems to make it seem like she’s not as nice, but it can easily be the picture. She’s not bad, one of the cases of a very little change and if anything slightly better.

Ogam: Ogam doesn’t look too different, except for his face there isn’t much change at all. He does seem like he’s more mean and strict in the new picture, but it’s not a big deal. His old picture gives off that feeling too even though his character isn’t quite like that, so Ogam is one of the few I don’t have a huge problem with.

Epona: Epona isn’t a hugely important character, although one of my favorites personality wise, so her change isn’t that big. Her new looks seems to give off a kind of seriousness to it that her character doesn’t seem to fit. She’s supposed to seem innocent and kind but actually be quite the merchant and crafty. She seems too mean, she’s not mean…

Llyr: This is one of the biggest and most drastic changes and one that I am very concerned about. Llyr is a very shy, character. She has absolutely no confidence and continually gives off a feeling of being so drastically frail. That’s just her character. She’s extremely cute how she gets worried about something and so endearing to see her accomplish something simple that she is worried about. In the new design she seems so much more elegant and, well powerful. That’s just not her character. Hopefully it’s only in her looks and design, but the impression is still there.

Rathty: This one kind of bothers me, but I don’t want to say much because it may spoil it. Rathty’s look is just so much more feminine, and Rathy is supposed to kind of come across just differently. This one isn’t too bad, but the character design just goes in a different direction. In the PC version Rathy looks more boyish but looks defiantly more girly in the new one.

Taliesin: This one is pretty fine I think. In fact, I see nothing wrong with it. First off the look isn’t very different at all. He is one of my favorite characters and I’m glad it’s not that different, if anything slightly better.

Gaius: He looks far more evil in the new version. He looks older and just…well, evil. It just seems like he isn’t supposed to come across like that. Although he’s an enemy, there’s something about his character where he looks somewhat charming and clever about things, not ruthlessly mean. But he’s, again, a bad guy so there isn’t that much concern for it.

Now honestly I do have to say that these character designs, the new ones, don’t look bad by any means. For someone who knows nothing of the original PC version of the game and just knows the anime or PS3 version, there’s nothing wrong with them. And looking at things a bit more objectively, the designs are fine and for someone with no experience with either game they would probably pick the new ones if asked what looks better. I’m just saying that I understand that the newer designs aren’t bad, but it’s just a different matter for me personally.

The real issue simply comes with me being so used to these characters. For me, “Tears to Tiara” will be those old character models, no matter how good the anime is, it’s just the fact that I originally played and beat the game, that’s what the game is essentially to me. Whenever there is such a change between different mediums of one source the first one you experience is just so ingrained in you that any change no matter how objectively good it is, is just…wrong.

However, I want to reiterate that these new designs aren’t bad, and for someone with no experience the new ones may look better, but for me I’ll always prefer the old models just because that’s what I experienced first. Those are the characters that I saw progress though the plot, not these new ones.

20 thoughts on “What The Hell Did They Do To My Tears To Tiara Character Designs – Comparison of original PC game & anime characters”

  1. It seems (from wikipedia) that character design is not the only thing they changed. They changed the battle system, adding more scenarios, adding 3d gameplay, and removing the pornographic material. It also seems that the PS3 version is a remake of the original PC game.

    Not sure if this is technically correct having not played either games but PS3 version is an RPG game while the PC version is a visual novel. I would say they are basically different games.

    Actually, I think that both character designs are nice in their own way. The 3 year gap might be why the games are different. Gaming technology and perhaps a bigger budget might be why the games are different.

  2. so the anime uses the new PS3 designs – interesting. also interesting what Scott said about them changing the battle system, especially since I’d heard it was one of the worst battle systems ever.

    I’d say I certainly like the PS3 designs more. Normally, I’d bitch about how I liked the moe ones more, but the new ones are still highly attractive and a lot of them are just damn fine designs. I especially think Riannon and Arthur look much, much better on the new version.

  3. Just forget about the PC version. The anime is based on the PS3 version, and it’s decently faithful for now (I played the PS3 version). Also the PS3 version is better for me, as they cut the H content out.

  4. The original designs were criticized by many people even before any PS3 version was announced (probably why Leaf/Aquaplus changed them in the first place).

    >Not sure if this is technically correct having not played either games but PS3 version is an RPG game while the PC version is a visual novel. I would say they are basically different games.

    They’re both visual novel/strategy RPG hybrids. The difference is that the PS3 version utilizes a turn-based SRPG design, whereas the original features a real-time battle system (which players also hated, hence the change). However, the basic structure remains the same.

  5. I know of the difference in real time and turn based between the two games, and I know that hte anime follows closely to the PS3 version but the that isnt’ really the issue. It’s just simplyt hat I experienced the orignal game first so thats whats ingrained in my head as what “Tears to Tiara” is.

    Plus, H content has its place in the games. Its not simply for the sake of having it, but its kind of incorporated into the story the close connection Arawn has with the girls that isn’t quite as obvious in the other versions. Yeah, the H content has other purposes of course, but I think that the H content isn’t b ad, it plays into the story a little bit so taking it out affects things. Not to spoil anything but when Arawn first has sex with a certain character it is what gives her the confidence to not kill herself. This character is about to commit suicide because she things she is so useless and not fit to be with everyone else. The sex kind of helps her character development in that its what gives her some confidence. Its not DRASATIC and doesn’t affect plot, but it plays a part with the characters.

    However, this post is mainly about he character designs, simply saying they are such a drastic change and for someone who played the PC version, its a little jarring.

  6. Sorry but no, you can tell a story without H content. I call it simply cheap design that helps selling more copies. But aside that, these changes have been known for months or even more, the game has been out for a long time now…I think the original design sucked, and I though that even before playing the PS3 version.

  7. ximpa: You are an idiot. Obviously you are too naive and inexperienced to have played many visual novel games, because the H content does actually offer something for the game. Maybe you should stop using a lack of experience and intellect as a reason for basing arguments.

    Second, the PC designs don’t suck. Again its obvious you have no experience with this industry through it history, your attention is jut caught by pretty things. NO fucking shit the PS3 version will look more new and modern, but that doesn’t mean good. Just because the character is wearing 50 different bobbles on their clothing doesn’t mean its better. This isn’t an issue of if the designs and colors are better its an issue of them changing original content more. Fucking learn to grow up and not take everything that is shiny and complex as being automatically the best.

  8. Oh, no need to get to personal insults. I despise H content, and that’s my view. I played Fate/Stay Night only when it came for PS2, without the H content, for example.
    And I repeate, I like the PS3 designs more, and I’m sick of hearing around the PS3 version is a dumbed down version while it’s not.

  9. No one said that the PS3 version was “dumbed down” you know? The author’s just making a personal comment about why he doesn’t like the design changes. However being someone who has no experience with any Tears to Tiara games, I think the PC3 versions look better haha. I guess I don’t have the bias/attachment to the original PC designs so I can only look at what suits my tastes.

  10. I agree with you completely on this post Xebek. Having played and beaten the PC game as well, the changes were too much to the point that I couldn’t really watch the anime!! ;_; My biggest complaint would probably have to be if you are gonna majorly tweak characters, like change their hair colors and stuff, it’d be nice to do it consistently and “upgrade” everyone, and not just change SOME characters (i.e. Ermin and Llyr), and leave a few untouched, i.e. Aaron and Orgam. In my opinion, the PS2 version should have just remade all the characters, rather than do a weird hybrid thing. Needless to say, that coming from the PC version, and seeing this was a shock, as I still prefer to PC much much more; the anime/ps2 characters seem too generic now! Oh well, at the very least, despite my calls for a complete overhaul of anime/ps2 character designs, my favorite character, Epona, didn’t get morphed a lot! I must say, you are spot on in your analysis of her design and personality! :D

  11. I’m so happy to hear from a fellow PC game finisher-person :D You nailed it, it was just such a huge shock to see the new characters, I honestly had trouble recognizing them from watching the OP. I’m still going to do posts on the series, which will appear soon which gives some comparisons to the game if you want to check up on them, I’d be glad to hear your opinion coming from your game experience like mine.

  12. Dude, I totally agree. I just finished playing the PC version today and I looked at the PS3 and anime version and it was a total shock, just like you said. It’s just too different and it feels weird, but it’s not too bad. For me PC > PS3 anyday but that’s just my opinion. The thing that shocked me a lot,though, was Arthur. To me, he looks like a gay fag now and it totally doesn’t match his personality. It bothers me because, like you said again, he’s an important character. They should’ve just upgraded his design instead of making an entirely new one. But anyways, that’s just my honest opinion. :D

  13. I haven’t played the PC game though I’m currently watching the anime, so I’m leaning towards the new designs. In my opinion, the new designs look more anime-y, than the PC which is moe-like. BUT both look nice.

    It is shocking when the game/anime you’ve played/watched and loved drastically change…its a 100% mouth-opening shockness xD But for the sake of that game/anime, I’ll still play/watch it.

    I want to play the PC and/or PS3 version, but I don’t have PS3 and the PC version has H scenes (not yet legal to watch it >_<). I wish I’m Konata…

  14. I’m playing the PC game now I like it. A bit too much talking for my taste, but it’s a nice developing story line. I don’t mind either of the designs but…honestly what the hell did they do to Arther? Seriously why? What did he do to deserve that drastic and horrible an over hall D:? At least let him keep the spiky hair and have something more tunic like x_x they butchered him…blah

  15. lol its kinda hard to judge a new character design just from a single sprite.. especially if your going to divine the character’s personality from it. You have to play the game and see for yourself..the different poses..expressions and cgs that the character has. Well watching the anime works too.
    and the old character designs[Especially the paper dolls] were rather shabby anyway x_X. The character designer needs to examine the human anatomy more! the faces were too round..expressions too flat and undetailed…body shapes were…weird….
    Ermin especially gave me the creeps everytime she came out.lol

  16. I will only compare to the in-game appearance (PC artwork aside since arawn look horrible on those with that huge Chin):

    – I really like the changes on: Ermin, Rathty, Llyr and Gaius.
    – I like both Ogam (PC and PS3), although I known he looks better in PS3

    But definitely, the ones that should have stayed are: Arawn (like you said), Rianon and Arthur

  17. I said fuck that, took out all my lolicon. but off topic what are you supposed to do after end game i know theres still sex scenes ill need

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  19. I hate how Arthur looks in the Anime, the PC ver Arthur is far more better than the PS3/Anime ver.

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