K-On! – First Impressions

I’m just going to flat out say that I liked this episode and have hopes of liking the rest of the series. With a show like this there is always so much crap talk going on about comparing it to other works, Lucky Star and other KyoAni work focusing on comedy shows but honestly, I don’t care about the difference in hype level and initial reactions comparing the two and whatever the hell people come up with to get attention about whining about shit. I liked the show; I found it funny and the characters charming so I’m going to continue to watch it. People need to stop dissecting shows on a level like that. If the first episode is good and charming and funny who gives a crap about comparing it to other stuff or expectations, it’s good, period.

The ED to this series, I must say, is just absolutely incredible. I’ve literally been listening to it over and over again for the past 20 minutes. Right after I finished the anime I’ve been listening to it, while writing this and everything. It’s pretty damn good and I can’t wait until the full version of the song is available.

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