Hayate no Gotoku II – First Impressions

I thought this was a good start to this new season. It was pretty much what I expected it to be. It wasn’t very different from the previous season, but that’s good because I thought the first season did a lot of things really well. As long as the comedy is fresh, the method in which they do it is fine. I am curious as to how much of this episode will carry over to the next. While this series is pretty much comedy based, it’s not like some other series where each episode is completely separate, some stuff that happens does make a difference. Of course they aren’t going to change the show around too much with a big plot point like Hayate not being a butler for several episodes, but I’m sure they’ll address sit at the very beginning, if only to easily get over it. This does bring up a good point though. How much of this season will have an actual plot. There were some things for the first season that could be considered plot amongst the mostly comedy centered series. Things like the necklace Nagi’s grandfather gave him, or HImegami’s appearance had some kind of lasting affects and several episodes that would form arcs, so I’m curious as to what kind of similar things we’ll see in this season.

It does seem like they are going to introduce the nun girl that was in the Beach Special episode that was in-between the two seasons, which is nice because I had absolutely no idea who the hell she was, as I don’t have time to read manga, I’m not caught up on Hayate.

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  1. Lucky you. Really. I mean it.

    Well, they’re now following the manga storyline almost 1:1. Which is a good thing, since this means we’ll get to see all the important arcs which they avoided in S1.

    Expect a consecutive storyline and proper character development from now on.

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