Slayers Evolution-R – 12

The secrets of Rezo are revealed and the people of Taforashia are awakened.


Well now we’re set up for the final battle of the series. It’s a little sad that I could predict this coming well out. So couldn’t give Lina that much credit for figuring it out since it was a predictable outcome. Still perhaps it’s a fitting way to end the series returning to face Shabranigdu one more time. If they do a good enough job it might be a good ending to the series. Think it could go well since you have almost everyone from the last time just adding Pokota and Amelia. Though really against someone like that they are pretty much non factors in the fight. It’s just a question of how they are going to stop Shabranigdu who almost annihilate Lina, Zel, and Gourry. They can’t really afford to use the Giga Slave with the dangers and I don’t trust the replica sword of light that much. The only shot they have is the Ragna Blade, but will that really be able to do it? Shabranigdu was only stopped last time thanks to the Giga Slave, the sword of light, and Rezo’s soul holding back Shabranigdu.

Frankly Rezo is an idiot to be putting the planet at stake for one glimpse. The first time you could give him a bit of room since he did have a plan to kill Shabranigdu after getting his eyes open. He was still stupid for putting the world at stake, but at least he had a better plan than ‘let’s leave it to Lina!’ Certainly the man is correct that everyone has things they really want that they would give just about anything for. But would Zel sacrifice the world for his body to be normal or Pokota to save the kingdom? I’d say they have lines they wouldn’t cross. But of course Lina put the world at stake in NEXT to try and save Gourry so it’s not so simple.

The Rezo vs. Xellos fight left me wondering. It is so hard to judge strength when you reach the upper echelon of characters. I’m not sure they could say Rezo was still linked to Shabranigdu because he was powerful. His copy was extremely powerful and there was no link to Shabranigdu there. So I don’t think Rezo’s power had anything to do with Shabranigdu unless we are saying that Rezo was much stronger than his copy. But of course to beat Xellos means you are just too strong. That guy is one of the most powerful monsters around just below guys like Hellmaster or Gaav. Too bad the fight was so short since they could have made it pretty interesting.

Some characters felt a bit strange to me. I mean everyone was so energetic about helping and doing what Rezo asked. The same man who poisoned the town and tried to kill them all. Zel felt weird to me in how he just helped without saying much. It isn’t black and white I know. You can’t just easily remove the respect you have for someone, especially a relative. Yet Zel lost his body to this guy and I’m surprised he didn’t do anything. While there are feelings of respect to Rezo there are also feelings of hate.

On the positive the town has survived long enough to possibly be destroyed by Shabranigdu. Or maybe they will last long enough for Lina to destroy it with a badly aimed dragon slave. Either way that town was saved long enough for someone to destroy it. The last fight against Shabranigdu was not good for the surrounding area. It’s time to go into the last episodes and see how Evolution-R wraps up.

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