Valkyria Chronicles – First Impressions

Well the first episode did a good job in getting us set up for the war and introducing some characters. There are going to be quite a few when they involve the secondary characters. Visually I thought the episode looked quite nice. Even for those who didn’t play the game I think everything was introduced well so they have an idea what is going on. I liked the introduction of the Valkyria mythology and also showing why Darksens get negative reactions by people.


I may have said this for a few series, but this show does have a nice OP. The song is pretty peaceful early on and the intensity increases with the images. I liked giving a few moments to the major characters and a couple seconds for the numerous side characters. While most will pick up on it right away the OP does a nice job hinting at developments between Welkin and Alicia.

Alicia was slightly annoying in this episode to me. Is she really a person that is native to the town? I mean she doesn’t seem to be aware that the hero Gunther had a son named Welkin. Now that alone may not be that unusual if she arrived to live in the town while Welkin was away. Maybe she doesn’t believe he is really Welkin, but couldn’t she have asked for some proof of identity? You’d have to think Welkin has something. Of course part of it is his fault for not asking someone who actually knew him to vouch for him.

But it’s kind of hard to imagine that Alicia lived there for any time and didn’t know that Isara lived there and was a Darksen. Kind of useless to have as part of the town guard if she doesn’t know who she is supposed to be guarding. She spent most of the episode holding the son of a hero prisoner and threatening to shoot him and Isara. If they weren’t under attack she’d probably be arrested herself. Of course considering Susie is a member of the watch I think they will take anyone. While being scared is natural you’d think she would fit better with the evacuating civilians.

It is a difficult situation that the town is currently put under though. With the entire country being invaded by a powerful force minor towns will end up being sacrificed. I’m sure the army could get something out there, but they probably don’t think it’s worth it. It is too bad for Gallia that they have become a target. But regardless of their position the amount of ragnite they have has made them a target. I’m eager to see how the series shows the struggle of Gallia as one part of a very large conflict. Of course for the people in that country that small part of the war means everything.

Think they handled the characters pretty well overall. Welkin is a pretty odd guy, but he is reliable in a pinch. It’s kind of sad how long it took him to realize they suspected him of being a spy. At the same time he did manage to escape where he was being held and got to Isara. While he is a good person he isn’t so good as to sit by while his sister could be in trouble. Isara herself was well done and is similar to Welkin in some ways. She is a kind person, but she will take action if it is necessary. Whether it was being ready to knife an intruder or grabbing the gun to shoot an Imperial. When in a war you can’t afford to hesitate.

The series has gotten off to a nice start. The battle has begun and now they will be taking out the tank to strike back at the Imperials. If they can avoid Alicia pointing anymore guns at them they might just survive. Forgetting the joke, I am looking forward to the show more now.

3 thoughts on “Valkyria Chronicles – First Impressions”

  1. I just watch the first episode. I agreed with you that some of the plot does raise some eyebrow. Similar to FMA which they actually had introduce Major Huges to the Eric brothers during the train hijack. And both Al and Ed helped to delivered Alicia-chan.. This seasons anime kind of going out of train?

    Nevertheless, I have not played the game before and it’s the first time I heard of Valkyria Chronicles. It’s too early for me to judge them. But hope to follow it more~ ^.^

  2. I found Alicia’s behaviour to be more funny than annoying lol. I think wartime make people a bit paranoid and less trusting, especially since Welkin is a bit of an oddball.

  3. She started out pretty paranoid against Welkin in the game also. Don’t know if Flame has played it, but so far so good even with Alicia not knowing who Welkin is; all intentional.

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