Toradora! – Final Impressions

This final episode really surprised me. I pretty much guessed that things would turn out as they did in the end, but it didn’t think that Taiga would basically disappear for almost a whole year it seems. At first there seemed to be absolutely no reason for it. I was stunned and just didn’t’ see the point. However for this most part it didn’t matter that much since she ended up with him in the end, it still seemed odd. However looking at it closer I suppose it is important, as it gives better closure to the family issues that she was having. After all, Ryuji settled his problems with his mom, yet Taiga was still left on her own for that one. Although we didn’t really see it, it provided enough time and reason for her to have gotten though those but still end up with him in the end, which was great.

As for the series overall, I just absolutely loved it. I was amazed at how they handled things. It’s not often you find a series that takes this approach to romance and a love triangle. Usually you’ll have all girls like the one guy from the start or something but for a VERY long time they developed these characters as BOTH having feelings for other people, yet though those experiences, though helping each other get with other people they grew close and closer until they realized they actually loved each other. It’s not something you see very often and they handled it very well I thought. I was also very glad to see the final two episodes the way they were. Although the last one kind of surprised me in the direction Taiga took, actually having episodes AFTER the two love interests get together is so rare but always so helpful to the story. Most anime will end as the people confess to each other or something, unless it’s a pure shoujo anime, however here there was actually more to it and it was great to see.

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  1. It was a very good series. What I like the most is that all of the main characters were dynamic and developed through out the course of the series. I didn’t really like what happened in episode 24, but the finale was decent enough to resolve any lingering issues and bring closure to the series.

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