Pandora Hearts – First Impressions

Well this was a pretty good episode though the first half did feel a little slow. They were trying to set up the setting and introduce characters so I can’t really blame them for taking their time there. Still it was a relief when the story started to pick up after finding that grave. After that point everything got much more interesting and the end of the episode came before I knew it.


The OP was a pretty good one from my point of view. It was a nice song to listen to and they showed some nice images. You can tell that a lot is going to happen here and that there will be some dark moments along the way.

The characters were pretty interesting so don’t think it will be that hard to care about them. Oz is a pretty good guy but certainly isn’t against playing around with people and driving them up a wall. Feel bad for the woman having to track him down and his servant Gil. But considering that dangerous times are apparently coming its probably good to have a mixed personality. Besides he has a good heart considering he wanted Gil to be part of the ceremony. No matter what he says not having his father around is something that bothers him.

That meeting after finding the watch was definitely the high point of the episode. It is a pretty unsettling situation to land in a room full of talking dolls. Sure you happen to be bigger than them but the numbers are pretty unnerving. That girl in particular made the whole thing more intense. First you get the feeling of a strange girl, but not quite something to be terrified of. The fact that she passed right through Oz like that was pretty strange. Then the whole situation went downhill with her snapping and scaring the daylights out of the guy. The whole knife being driven right at him would scare anyone.

It just leaves me wondering about what is going on. Oz clearly has a connection to that watch and the girl that he saw. Would almost feel like it’s a bloodline thing or possibly connected to reincarnation. Either way I’m betting that Oz has inherited a serious problem. Unless he was getting involved with this girl when he was really young and simply doesn’t remember it.

The end of the episode was a pretty interesting event. Gil’s body has been taken over by someone and now there is a very close threat to Oz. Things are going to get very busy and very bad. Right now I still don’t get why all this is coming at Oz, but sooner or later the answers should come. The only thing to do is try to patiently wait for next week’s episode.

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  1. have to agree with u, the OP was nice too (based on what i see from youtube). do not ask me why but i felt that “tsubasa chronicles” feel of it when i watched the OP…maybe it is cos of overall music by FJ.

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