Minami-ke Okaeri – Final Impressions

This season was pretty much what I expected it to be. It was pretty much exactly like the last season. However I couldn’t help but feel a slight decline in how funny this season was compared to the previous one, as was the case with the second being compared to the first, but to a lesser degree. It’s not that this is a bad series or not funny at all, it is and I really enjoyed it, but it just seemed like either some of the charm was no longer there or they were kind of reusing some of the material. The main thing that made this show so hilariously funny the first season were the characters. The chemistry and interactions between Kana and Chiaki were just amazing and hilarious, however that is what drove the comedy and after a while we kind of got the picture. Even though this season wasn’t the most amazing thing ever or anything like that it was still a great joy to sit down and watch every week. It was just a nice show that you could relax to.

As I said one of the best points about this series altogether, and this season, were the chemistry and interactions between Kana and Chiaki. Haruka was almost not needed at all; she was just there to make it a bit more believable that they were living by themselves. Kana’s total laziness and sly clever nature to trick Chiaki or try and get more out of a situation was great, and Chiaki’s attitude of not putting up with any crap just fit perfect with Kana trying to do things all the time. Although as I said this season wasn’t anywhere near as funny as previous seasons, I still wouldn’t mind seeing another season just because even mediocre episodes that may not be hilarious were just fun to watch for Kana and Chiaki.

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