Tales of the Abyss – 26 [Final]

The battle to stop Van and save the people of the world from annihilation was fought.


Well I just knew this episode was going to end ambiguously. This is not only because I played the game, but it just seemed to be building to that point. It really is annoying that you are left debating whether it is Luke at the end, or Asch, or some kind of mental fusion of the two of them. It seemed to hint a bit more at Luke, but it wasn’t so definitive as to say it was Luke. I mean Asch had made some promises that needed to be kept. Be it to survive or to marry Natalia so he had a reason to be back. Being gone for two years makes you wonder what the truth is. It couldn’t have taken two years to do that fusion thing. Luke seems more like the type to go and see the others almost immediately. Asch should have wanted to go see Natalia as well, but he has a habit of being a loner. Maybe they are both in there and were fighting for two years? It would have been so much simpler if they just brought both of them out rather than leaving it to the fans to say who they want. Leaving it ambiguous doesn’t give a satisfying conclusion to anyone.

The final battle itself wasn’t too bad. I mean you had everyone charging at Van and the guy kept it together. Once again it is Tear’s fonic hymn that saves the day. Seriously she is the most powerful character in the entire series. Her song allowed the easy defeat of Sync, Legretta, and Van. Largo got a brutal strike early in the series by Jade and only survived because he had plot significance. Forget about Luke and all that stuff, she was the true powerhouse of the series. At least the characters got to show off numerous moves. Luke and Guy were the exceptions since they just charged in with swords swinging though I think Guy used a skill at least once. Mostly they just kept Van busy while Jade charged up his better moves. In the end Van lost because he didn’t learn from his mistakes. Got caught up by Tear’s fonic hymns at the start of the series and got beaten by them again here.

There wasn’t too much of an epilogue, but we can assume the world has given up on the score. Though you wonder what kind of point Daath will have since the score no longer matters. I think Tear was giving Luke too much credit since I doubt the guy had a grand vision for the world. He was way too simple and focused on figuring himself out to have any real belief in how the world should turn out. But she does love the guy so Tear is bound to give Luke more credit.

There really isn’t that much to say about the episode itself since most of it was the fight against Van. At least they gave a slight epilogue after the battle was over. But at the same time I wish there had been a little more than quick peeks at individual characters.

Final Words:

The major thing I worried about with this series was whether they could pull it off well within 24 or 26 episodes. There was a lot of material to go through and it seemed like it would be tough. In the end they managed it, but it really was a rushed series in some respects. Travel was completely negated in this series and you could almost feel like they teleported from location to location. Battles against random monsters along the way were also very limited. I can only remember a couple of occasions where they fought monsters on the way to getting somewhere. Similarly the boss battles were also pretty short. They just didn’t have time to show major struggles until they got to the final few fights against the God Generals.

Speaking of boss fights this series really showed how cheap the protagonists can be. They have the boss completely outnumbered which is a pain to begin with. But as we saw against Van they can step back to heal themselves while constantly laying down the attacks. Not to mention Tear is the most broken character in the entire series. She doesn’t need to do anything but stand there and paralyze the enemy. With numbers they can just rush in and kill the helpless boss without a struggle. The RPG genre is one where the good guys do whatever it takes to win.

But the series wasn’t that bad overall. There were some pretty likable characters in the mix. Oddly enough it’s God Generals like Asch and Arietta that remain at the top for me. There were multiple tragic figures that ended up involved in something that they shouldn’t have been. Asch had his life ripped away from him and then was slowly being killed by the process. He had some problems and could be a jerk at times, but he wasn’t a bad guy either. That’s why I personally hope it was either him at the end. Every character had some major event or ghost in their past that tied into the story so all had an important reason to be fighting at the end. It’s kind of too bad that the show is over for that reason.

In the end I’d say this was a decent series, but not a great one by any stretch. They really would have been better served with more episodes to better spread things out. A feeling of rushing made the world feel so much smaller than it actually was. But it was a good journey and worth watching. I’d probably recommend the game since I did enjoy playing it. For a game being turned into an anime Tales of the Abyss did alright.

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  1. My sentiments exactly~ I never really liked Tear that much as a character, and her brokenness really shone out in the anime. I would’ve really liked it if at least the Sync and Legretta battle was won on more even terms than with her fonic hymn.

    My favorites happen to Asch and Arietta too. Of course, Jade and Natalia are up there with them too. I really felt bad for the both of them in the end — Asch really deserved to get more than he got, so I really want to think that it’s him in the epilogue…or at least a fusion of both. Arietta’s situation was really heartbreaking too… DX

    The anime itself wasn’t that bad, and for someone who played the game, it felt like 26 episodes of fanservice. Still, Tales of the Abyss is nowhere near my favorite of the series. I’m looking forward to the upcoming Tales of Vesperia while I try to steal an Xbox360 (or PS3 when the port comes out) to play it in the meantime. XD;;

  2. @miken-chan
    Always nice to find someone on the same wavelength. Yeah somehow playing the game or watching the series I just never liked Tear that much. Just something that didn’t line up with me. I think they could have won the battle without using the fonic hymn to get an instant win. I mean they already were fighting the God Generals 2 on 1 so winning should have been possible.

    I did also like Jade and Natalia. Jade was one interesting guy who wasn’t always easy to read and had an important past to the series. Natalia and Asch are part of the reasons that I liked both. Because of their relationship and they both just seemed to deserve better than they got. That’s why I’m hoping Asch is still around in some way since the world could give them a break. Arietta’s situation was just tragic and I really felt for her when watching that episode. It was enough from the game, but seeing her last moments animated like that really hit me.

    Yeah while I liked the game this wasn’t my favourite of the series. Still the game is very much worth playing and if you have time the anime isn’t a bad way to spent it. We are very much in the same spot with Tales of Vesperia. Either I find a way to get a 360 or I wait for the port to come for the PS3. Was worried I’d have to buy a whole system, but if it will come out for the PS3 I’ll find a way to wait.

  3. well, lucky me, i have both the 360 and the PS3, so i have beaten Vesperia already, (Great game btw, and i cant wait to see how they do with the Vesperia Movie they are coming out with) but i sure am not going to get the game again for the PS3, i dont give a crap about a new loli pirate character and some costumes. anyway, Abyss was a good series, if you never played the game, i can see how the pacing can seem off, but other than that, the anime was very good. and if you have played the game, or any other RPG for that matter, the battles can seem slightly lacluster in comparison, but then again, you are running around so much during the fights in the game and setting attacks up and whatnot, you dont really appreciate that you are fighting and killing an enemy until the fight is over, so it is different watching a fight without having to do anything. and the way they did moving from location to location, if you have ever played an RPG, you know what takes place during that time, …… nothing. seeing as how we know this anime is based off an RPG, it was very very easy for me not to care about the fact that it seemed that they teleported everywhere, because i know that nothing is going to happen on the way. it would have been time consuming and pointless to show a 5 second clip of them getting on and off the ship just to make things flow better, and by the end of the season, those 5 seconds would have added up to less time to show what they ultimately did show. as for the ending, it seems very likely that it was a merger of the 2 bodies, but with Luke as the dominate personality. i say a merger because Asch’s hair was a deep dark red and Luke’s hair was a light/faded red, and, though you can see it better in the ending of the game, the hair at the end was a natural red, a balance between the two. and i say Luke is the dominate personality, not only because of the way he answered Tear, but because they made it a point to show the sword, and Luke was the one that is left-handed. the sword is shown to be in a left-handed ready position. anyway that is my take, and in the end, the series was definitely very good.

  4. i was a bit disappointed by luke in the anime it just seems like he stands there most of the time doing nothing or parrying some random soldier for like half an hour (the luke vs. ashe scene should have lasted like the whole episode showin how it was so epic in the game)

    when he was fighting van i was kinda hoping he would use lost fon drive to win… radiant howl would have been alright too…. kinda disappointed me with the lack of hi ougi/mystic artes in the anime

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