Maria + Holic – 12 [Final]

Kanako tries to desperately prepare for swimming class so she can see all the swimsuits but things keep getting in her way.


This episode was actually pretty good for an episode of this series. It had several segments that made sense and were each funny for their own joke. I found it very funny how Kanako kept getting thwarted in her attempts to go to swimming lessons. Just one thing after another, most completely out of her control. It was so endearing seeing her work so hard to see girls in their swimsuits, I really felt quite sorry for her. She was quite pathetic and deserved to at least get to see them. Still, it was very funny the things that kept getting in her way.

I am glad they brought back Shizu for the last episode; I just wish they had used her more often, although I wish this show did a lot of things… Shizu made things so much more interesting, having this alternative for Mariya could have had a lot of very funny parts in an episode, suddenly she is acting nicer to characters like the school president or something plus actually allowing Kanako to not break out in hives when next to her, there were just a lot of things they could have done with her they didn’t, but I’m glad she was at least in the final part.

Final Words:

This series, sadly, wasn’t anything I expected it to be. I just got the impression from the synopsis and description of the show of a show with… well the same premise that this show had, but taken in a more serious direction. I thought it was going to have some actual moments where they maybe discussed Kanako’s fear of guys, or showed some actual moments between Mariya and Kanako that could lead somewhere. Effectively, a romance/comedy series. However what it turned out to be was a pure comedy show. While that isn’t necessarily bad, there are plenty of shows that are just comedy that are great and I enjoy, it just isn’t what I expected. However even for a pure comedy show, I just really couldn’t connect with this series. It seemed to be far too random and pointless. Other comedy shows have random comedy moments in them and things that don’t quite make sense but they all seem to tie in together better. This series just has these giant weird monsters coming out of nowhere like the alaria thing and story lines that seem to go nowhere. I was pretty disappointed in this series even as a pure comedy show goes.

However this show isn’t without its plus sides. I did really enjoy Mariya as a character. His attitude of being so much better then everyone was just great. When he showed his true self to Kanako in terms of personality it was just hilarious how much he seemed to have thought out things. I wish they would have actually focused on him a bit more. Surprisingly he seemed to be left out of a majority of the show. IT seemed to focus on Kanako just getting nosebleed after nosebleed rather than on the fact that Mariya was a trap. They didn’t even have one humorous moment based off the fact he’s a trap like having to be in a locker-room with others or having others talk about boys they like, awkward things that other traps in other series have gone through or just….hell, anything. Unfortunately it looks like my description of the best part of this series is bashing the show just because it didn’t have enough of this good part in it. I really wanted to like this show, but overall it just did too many things wrong for me to really like it that much.

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