Fullmetal Alchemist – Brotherhood – 01

Ed and Al must try and stop the Ice Alchemist who has turned his anger onto the city of Central.


Well this was a nice way to welcome back the series. We got to see Ed and Al again in action and they handled themselves pretty well. I never did watch the sub version of the series much so the voices feel pretty new to me for everyone. It might take a while to not hear Lockon whenever Roy is talking. It’s not a knock on the Flame Alchemist just that the voice really does sound the same. Really couldn’t hurt to try and slightly change the sound so people don’t immediately think of Lockon.

Overall I liked the OP they used for the first episode. The visuals were great since they showed so much all at once. It does a good job making you think about the kind of things we will see in this series. An energetic song does fit the tone since there will be a lot of action going on. I liked the focus on Ed, Al, and Winry. A lot of this trails back to those days as kids so it is fitting for the first OP of the series.

The main part of this episode was tracking down and stopping Isaac. You could tell how powerful a grudge he had regarding Bradley and the government in general. From the conversation with Roy its clear that everything comes back to Ishbal. Something so terrible happened in that place that it made someone like Isaac change sides. Considering it was called an “Extermination War” it doesn’t take much imagination to know what happened there. Somewhere along the way the guy lost himself to the anger and snapped. He had no problem killing anyone that got in his way and was going to turn the city into a giant ice sculpture. Once someone starts using their own blood as a weapon you can understand how messed up they’ve become. Considering how many people were after him the guy did well. Seeing how characters use alchemy to fight is a pretty fun thing. With the ability to freeze you solid or boil you to death he isn’t a guy you want touching you.

Ed and Al did a good job taking on Isaac and reintroducing their personalities. Ed really does have a serious problem with people talking about his height. I guess having your little brother appear to be a giant beside you could lead to having that kind of issue. He explodes as I remember and you can bet it will be a repeated pun through the series. Ed has to take care of his temper since it does make him charge in. This time it helped against Isaac since it was a surprise.

It seems the next episode will delve more deeply into what happened. But it was a pretty shocking sight to see his leg simply gone like that. Definitely is hard to imagine losing limbs so suddenly and then having to attach your brother’s soul to a piece of armour. Considering the popular history of the philosopher’s stone its not surprising the boys are so intent to get it. They thought Issac had one on him and that only intensified their attack. From the conversation after dinner you can understand their goal of getting their bodies back to normal. It is more of a crisis for Al since he has lost his entire body and the ability to do many things.

It seems that the series will show off some nice fights. They will need some episodes to move characters and set things up, but this episode made the fights something to anticipate. Ed and Al are a great combination that can manipulate the surroundings and deal harsh physical strikes. While the battles aren’t going to be everything they will be important for this kind of show.

I’m eager to see how the show will change now that they will be sticking closer to the manga.

5 thoughts on “Fullmetal Alchemist – Brotherhood – 01”

  1. It was a decent debut overall, with enough “Ed is short” jokes to last several episodes lol. It’ll be a while until we get to the really good parts though.

  2. I just watched the new episode, and i liked how it starts off a new series with lots of action. So what’s the angle of this storyline? Did everything restart in a way?

  3. @Alex
    Yeah from what I know they are just going to restart things from the beginning. Since it would be a bit weird to just start the series where it deviated from the manga. Now that a few years have passed the manga is finally about to finish. A bit strange to see some people back, but that’s what they are up to.

    (Just had to edit the question a bit. For anyone that is watching this without any knowledge of the first anime. They probably will get spoiled at some point but I’ll try to limit that.)

  4. Saw the first episode and agree it was a great way to introduce majority of the cast. Unfortunately, I’ve decided I’m going to patiently wait until all of the episodes are released. I just can’t stand waiting on a weekly basis on anticipated shows such as this.

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