Druaga no To – The Sword of Uruk – 12 [Final]

Jil faces off against Neeba to stop him from using the tower to destroy everything.


This episode was pretty good. However it was pretty much expected. Jil goes against Neeba, kills Neeba, everyone is happy. Although it was kind of an obvious outcome, it was still fairly interesting. I thought the actual fight scene itself between Jil and Neeba was pretty good. It was interesting how Jil just got his ass handed to him until he lost the weight of the armor. Of course, as expected the motivation behind what Neeba was doing pretty much just amounted to jealousy over Jil. In the end, it wasn’t that bad of a conclusion but it just wasn’t drop dead impressive either.

I thought the epilogue at the end was pretty nice. Although it was a bunch of quick shots, what shocked the hell out of me though was how many important characters they showed….not dead. I mean, Old Gil and his Kai, young Gil and young Kai, Neeba, Succubus…they were all….alive. What the hell was up with that? This really had a LOT of leave it to your imagination what happened kind of thing. But it was still nice to see something. I really liked the shot of Ahmey’s spear at the end. Her death really was the most meaningful one they had in this series that wasn’t a bad guy or anything. Kally died in the first season too, but he wasn’t really with the main characters at that time, and Henaro this season was important but she did betray them. Ahmey just died in battle, a simple sacrifice but pretty meaningful.

Final Words:

I didn’t really know what to expect from Druaga, the first or the second series. Hell, I didn’t even see a second season coming for certain until it was spelled out in the last five minutes of the first season. While on some level that means I can’t really be let down, I can’t really help but feel disappointed in the way the show finally ended up. This isn’t a problem with the actual conclusion or anything, but just the show in general. It seems that it had the potential to be so much more. It had some interesting characters with interesting back stories most of which were never really discovered, things that went unexplained throughout the whole series that could use some explanation, and just so many more things that could have been. So even without having any expectations coming into this series, it still seems to have been a bit of a disappointment in that regards.

Now, I do want to say that the whole series wasn’t a total let down, there are certainly series that do a lot worse. Druaga had many good points. One thing that really stood out was some of the characters. At times they had some pretty interesting development. There was an interesting focus on Fatina’s feelings, using Jil as a substitute for Neeba although deep down knowing she didn’t actually love him. And even if we look at this season as part of a whole with the first, there were some actual character deaths, which in a series like this could be rare, usually you just get people injured or unable to continue until they all come join the big party at the end. Still, some of the motivation behind characters was good; Henaro posed an interesting dilemma of trust and betrayal, and Kaaya as well, betraying others for a good reason. A lot of that amounted to some pretty interesting content.

Overall, Druaga was a fun series to watch but several times it just felt that it either dragged on with meaningless episodes of doing nothing or just traversing though yet another level, or it incorporated so many unexplained things that you just couldn’t get drawn in. Still, looking at things from a distance you can see that it has a far reaching story that isn’t half bad, with some interesting enough characters to keep things interesting. Still, overall I felt it fell short.

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