Clannad ~After Story~ – 24 – Compilation Episode

A compilation episode of both seasons of Clannad.


There isn’t that much to say on this episode, but I decided that I should put something about it up. Looking back I never did post anything on the Tomoyo extra episode for last season’s 24th episode, but doesn’t mean I can’t do anything for this one. However, there isn’t much to say. Obviously as the episode is even titled a compilation episode it isn’t meant to do anything other than give a quick refresher about everything this wild journey of Clannad has been for almost two years.

The episode itself obviously isn’t a substitute for watching the series, as there’s no way it could be intended as so. After all, it was 48 episodes and is one of the most epic and emotional series I’ve ever seen. Really it was aimed at those who had already watched it, reminding them of everything the long series has entailed. I do have to say that I will watch this series again, hopefully in a little less time than a two year span :D

I’ve really said all my final thoughts on the whole Clannad series, the whole thing and just After Story on episode 22’s post as I still really think that is effectively the Final episode as far as the plot and big events go. So read that if you want my take on it, and as I said, as for this compilation episode, it wasn’t anything special, but was a just a nice reminder to those who have watched everything already of what has happened.

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