Asura Cryin – First Impressions

The first episode did jump around, but at the same time it managed to get us right into things. There were a lot of characters introduced and it might take some time to remember those outside of the main pair. I thought it was interesting with them trying to mix together magic, guns, spirits, and even mechs. It reminds me a little of Index with the clashing of different powers like that. Hopefully they can handle it well and turn it into a pretty good series without the long explanations Index had.


The OP was a pretty nice one I thought. The music was pretty energetic which works for the kind of show this is going to be. It also manages to send out the message of how many groups there are going to be in this series. From it I’m guessing there will be a romantic triangle going on between Misao, Tomoharu, and Kanade. It is a little early to start getting into pairing discussions, but have a feeling I’ll be on Misao’s side here. It might make it the first time I’m cheering for someone who doesn’t feel like the underdog. Anyways it was a pretty good OP so won’t have a problem watching that for each episode.

I think the bright point of this episode was Misao. Ghost characters can vary, but I think that this girl will be a good one. Misao is energetic and a pretty likable even without a physical form. I did wonder how having a ghost for a childhood friend would go but it doesn’t seem bad at all. She can joke around with Tomoharu and point out that it is boring to just wear the same clothes. I guess a positive for being a ghost is saving costs on buying clothes. Being able to change to the school uniform like that even saves time. Think it would be worth following this show just for her.

So far Tomoharu doesn’t seem like a bad protagonist for the show. Sure he isn’t brimming with confidence, but he is still a fairly nice guy. There is a lot that I’m wondering about this guy though. Just what is his connection to that trunk? We’ve gotten some flashbacks, but he did seem to not recognize it when it was presented to him. So maybe its some kind of repressed memory? Still he reacted fairly well considering people have been barging into his place and attacking him. I can’t really blame the starting at Misao’s sleeping form. Plus it’s not like he could have missed it when she was floating right above him. Here’s hoping he develops nicely as the series progresses. Though unless he wants to be labelled as crazy he might want to work on not calmly talking to Misao in public…

The ED for this show was also pretty solid. It definitely fits with a calming influence after all that has happened in this episode. There is also a message being sent that there should be a few tough moments for the characters. Although at this stage it is tough to know just what is going to happen. Still it was a nice song to finish an episode with.

At this point there are a ton of questions that I’m left with. Will have to see just where that trunk came from and why it belongs to Tomoharu. It also seems clear that Misao isn’t just a regular ghost who became friends with the guy. A little curious if they can get her turned into a human or something by the end of the series. Not that it is necessary, but I figure there are more perks to being alive than the living dead. It will also be nice to see these factions get cleared up a little bit. Some really did seem like the mafia although the powers are going a bit beyond what the mafia usually has.

This should be a pretty good show I think. The first episode helped to clear up what kind of show we are getting into and I’m glad for that. The main characters seem pretty likable at this point and here’s hoping they develop well as people.

2 thoughts on “Asura Cryin – First Impressions”

  1. After watching the first episode, I feel that so far this episode nicely blends together the different elements it contains. This said, there are also some points where it could go slightly slower, but over all this series is something I am going to continue watching in the future

  2. If only what came out of the suitcase was the Venom Symbiote creature instead of just another run-of-the-mill mecha…

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