Kurokami – 11

Keita learns from Sawamura how he came to join Reishin’s group.


I’m not quite sure what to think of this episode. On one hand it moved things along enormously, opening the path to the stone and having Kuro about to face off against her brother but one thing that just stunned me is how fast things suddenly moved from almost nothing, to effectively a climax. I was under the impression that this was a 24 episode series which means they can be nowhere close to a conclusion. It almost seems that it’s close to being over however, with the fight between Kuro and her brother, the soul stone being right there. I’ve just got to think there has to be something more. Sawamura still doesn’t give me a good vibe; I’m pretty sure that after the little fight over the soul stone he’s going to become the main bad guy as he seems smart enough to start scheming about things and starting to rule things himself.

I am curious how things will turn out with Akane and her sub. I’m pretty sure that Akane is the root, as I thought that way back when they first introduced Yuki and she asked Reishin if she really is a root or not. However although Sawamura is obviously working his own angle, I’m curious as to what doing anything involving Akane or Yuki would do for him. He could kill Akane and make Yuki a minus root, or let them meet and have Akane be a Master root Still anything could effectively happen but I have no idea what really. I have a very bad feeling that Akane is going to die just because they kept talking about Keita’s fate that those around him would die. Especially after that kiss, I can just easily see her dying and Keita feeling all those things again.

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  1. That guy with a GLASSES IS EVIL!! And i don’t really TRUST HIM!!

    I mean I watched that episode 5 times i mean all of the episode.

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