Zoku Natsume Yuujin-chou – 13 [Final]

Natori attempts to seal Kai while Natsume must decide which side to stand on.


I think it’d be nice if Natsume could trust people more. Nyanko is absolutely right in this episode. Natsume tries to carry everything on his own shoulders. He might think he’s doing a good thing and not troubling others, but at the core he’s just making them worry more. Lying or denying that anything is wrong just becomes second nature to him. A perfect example is when he was having dinner with the Fujiwara couple. It was obvious that something was wrong and he responded with a denial that no one would believe. I hope by the end of the episode it hit home more that he needs to trust others. That has been the key point of this second season. Who can you trust and are you able to tell those people the truth? For someone with Natsume’s past I know it is difficult to open up. But if Natsume doesn’t reach out to people more he won’t be able to grow past this point.

As always Natori is a pretty interesting guy to have around. Do like how they have that mark moving around just when he’s talking. He usually brings some interesting situations along and this was no different. For someone who doesn’t really like youkai that much it made sense to pose a question of what is more important to Natsume. At the same time it’s a little sad since you can tell how loyal Hiiragi is to him. I would think he rates her higher than the average youkai, but it really is hard to tell how much higher. This time he nearly got himself taken out since he isn’t strong in a head on conflict. Good thing that Natsume showed up and they could work together again. I’d agree with Hiiragi that it would be better to avoid taking jobs in Natsume’s area. Of course if Natori doesn’t do it then someone else will come in so it might not change much.

This series has done a good job in highlighting the issue of loneliness again. Kai like a lot of characters felt incredibly alone and acted rashly because of it. He hoped people would come and pay attention to him and it didn’t work. Then he came down and slipped in with the human children. Eventually he met Natsume and Taki who gave him that feeling of friendship that he had desperately searched for. Of course trust is a fragile thing and when Kai saw Natsume with Natori it was damaged. Luckily Kai didn’t do anything crazy with the Book of Friends. Hopefully Taki’s cookies helped to send the message that people do care about him.

Final Words:

I’ve really enjoyed this series and it carried things along well from the first season. Really they could have made the first season a 26 episode series and it would have been seamless. The OP and ED took a bit of time to get used to, but in the end I think they matched the first season quite well. The imagery really worked since by the end Natsume did have a lot of people with him.

It has been nice to watch Natsume continue to grow and yet be reminded of where he stands. He has become much more willing to get involved with youkai. Even though it usually brings himself trouble he still jumps in willingly. The episode about the painting shows that he can be reckless in regards to his safety. Although he has grown closer to the youkai his bonds with people are being worked on. The newest bond was made with Taki who might be a romantic interest if this series cared much about that sort of thing. Natsume has just found it hard to be completely honest with people and his habit of lying keeps coming up. Still people like Tanuma and Taki won’t give up on him and he will have to be more honest. His friendship with Natori has gotten stronger despite all the troubles they have gone through. There is nothing wrong with having different opinions on things and on some levels they do agree. Going to that meeting earlier in the series shows that there are a variety of people in the world. He can’t assume everyone has gone through the same circumstances.

Maybe one regret was that Natsume didn’t get to tell the Fujiwara couple about his ability to see youkai. I really did think they were building up to that as the show went on. But I suppose they have their suspicions and it will stay like that for now. Still I’m glad that they did get a bit of development in this second season. Natsume is quite lucky that he ended up staying with such good people.

One of my favourite parts of this series was getting to find out more about Reiko. She is such a mysterious figure despite putting together the Book of Friends. I’m glad we got to see that flashback. She really was one heck of a person and I feel bad that people rejected her so strongly. Still I’m sure that she would be proud of the kind of person her grandson had become. Even if he stumbles along the way Natsume manages to survive.

In the end this was a really enjoyable series. There were some great characters and development was handled well. We can only hope that a third season is made sometime down the road since this is a series you can just relax while watching. It’s a little sad that for now the show is over.

3 thoughts on “Zoku Natsume Yuujin-chou – 13 [Final]”

  1. Again, thank you very much for blogging this series. You oppinions are very much appreciated.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. @Fluca
    I have to return the thanks. I’m glad you enjoyed my thoughts about the series. It was a good show so it was always easy to write about.

  3. Thank you for reviewing this series. I truly enjoyed watching each episode and seeing how each character developed each time. I think in a way all of us can relate to Natsume especially myself. It was a nice change of pace and I’m sad that it finally ended. I hope there we will see another season in the future.

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