Tales of the Abyss – 25

The God Generals make a last stand while Asch and Luke settle things once and for all.


Asch…This series seems intent on killing any characters that I like. You think they could try killing someone from the main party for a change of pace. It’s really too bad that Asch had to go down like this. Losing not because of any lacking in ability but because his body let him down. First he has to survive a crash, drop down a hole, fight Luke, and then take on a massive group. The odds were so stacked against him that it was just not right. At least he managed to take all those jerks down with him. It reminds me of another favourite character who got killed in similar fashion from a different game. In the end he couldn’t see Natalia again nor his family. Even if his body wouldn’t have lasted much longer I think it would have been right to let him live on for a little longer. On that note I think the game handled Asch’s fight a little better than the anime. At any rate in the end I could only feel sad at his loss. Asch had that much stripped away from him and couldn’t even settle things with Van.

But really couldn’t someone have been spared to go and backup Asch? I understand that Luke had to go, but did they really need everyone together? You know that Luke and Tear will spend a good chunk of time talking to Van before the final battle gets going. I don’t think it would be that big a deal to send Guy and Natalia to back Asch up. They could have taken care of it rather quickly and hurried up to the others for the final battle. Now they lose someone for little reason other than not caring enough to go and save him. I’ll admit this argument doesn’t come into play in the game.

It seems like it was God General execution hour. You lost two or three if you counted Asch in this episode. Really I think Asch should have changed his uniform so he wouldn’t have been counted in with the rest. Since anyone called a God General has now been killed off in one way or another. I do feel a little sorry for Sync since he never really gained anything in his whole life. The entire time he felt his existence was empty and the only thing driving him on was destroying the world that created him. While Ion passed away feeling like he accomplished something the same can’t be said for Sync. Sympathy is limited because he was at least satisfied with dying. Legretta fought for the man she loved and died for it. She was another character who felt satisfied in dying since she was following her beliefs.

I have to say Tear’s song is just cheap. I mean you have an advantage already over your opponents and then you go and paralyze them? They call themselves the good guys and yet they pull cheap tactics like that. Sure the God Generals had grunts, but the party still had a very strong advantage. Also makes you wonder what Tear was waiting for if she could end the whole battle in a single move. This kind of reminds me of why boss battles are somewhat unfair in nature. You usually come in with a good sized party and outnumber the guy. Sure the boss has more health than you, but really you can’t underestimate a good numerical advantage. Just kind of weird how that fight ended.

Now we head into the final battle against Van. It has been a pretty long road to get to this point. I don’t think anyone really has to guess about who is going to win this. But after all it took to get to Van we might as well enjoy the fight.

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