Gundam 00 2nd Season – Final Impressions

There is no doubt that this last stretch has been an incredible run. While there is going to be great debate on how well this series finished I can still be happy about watching. The final battle to stop Ribbons and the Innovators was pretty intense. There was just so much going on and you really have to step back and reflect on what happened.


Is interesting to see how the pairings turned out since I made that last post. Clearly Lyle and Anew ended with the girls death. But he still cares about her and will live on until the time he can meet her again. So in a sense that pairing was a success, but it’s just too bad she didn’t survive. Think her death helped to shape Lyle’s actions and even Setsuna’s. Anew dying forced Setsuna to not let the same thing happen to Louise.

In the end Setsuna really just sticks with CB and leaves the pairing stuff to the side. The best chance right now is the late appearance of Feldt’s feelings, but for now he’s more focused on helping the world in his own way. While they had Marina sitting around near the battlefield she really wasn’t important. In the end I think her character was a waste of airtime that could have been given to others. As a true Innovator Setsuna has his own path to follow that doesn’t seem related to Marina. As a person who can’t even hold a gun Marina seems too disconnected from Setsuna. Maybe the joking pairing of SetsunaxGundam is the real winner.

Allelujah and Marie got a nice conclusion. Soma managed to deal with Andrei and put her hatred aside. There was a close call with Marie getting hit with those Gaga units, but she managed to hang in there. Kind of nice seeing them backpacking and living in peace. Might have seen them with CB, but think the two of them deserve a chance to live. Two people who might have thought that fighting was all they could do. Instead they will live peacefully and find the meaning in their lives. Of course Hallelujah being back and Soma probably beneath the surface adds a strange angle to that relationship.

I was worried about Saji and Louise before this last stretch. But they managed to break the cycle of someone getting revenge and then getting killed. Saji was even able to pull the trigger and fire some missiles in order to protect Louise from those Gaga units. It was a close one but they finally got back together. Thankfully the damage done to her body is disappearing. Maybe they’ll be able to let her regenerate her hand now that its been taken care of. I’m sure she’d like to wear the ring Saji got for her on a real finger. Makes sense for the two of them to live peacefully and yet aware of the world. They’ve been too entrenched in the fighting to live unaware. Long as Louise hasn’t blown all her families funds she can help people instead of putting money into weapons development. Happy for these two since it’s a fitting end for them.

Anyways the fights for the final battles were great. Hallelujah/Allelujah vs. Hilling was just a beautiful one-sided match. The guy is dangerous, but you can’t help getting caught up in the insanity of Hallelujah. He just fights brutally and doesn’t hold back no matter who his opponent is. Makes sense that he didn’t get much time in the second season. He would have drawn all the attention away from Setsuna and the key issues. I liked Setsuna going against Ribbons for most of the fight. The 0 Gundam and Exia match seemed a little unnecessary despite it being nice to see Exia one more time. It would have been a greater fight if Marina didn’t kill the mood with her background monologue and the children singing. Seriously if they didn’t sound so bad I might not have minded it.

Kind of feel for Tieria in all of this. I was hoping he would decide to get another body and leave Veda to live more like a human. Instead he’s taking the sacrificing route in order to better protect everyone. Of course considering how important Veda is it probably was a good choice. Once they repair the ship ‘Celestial Being’ then it will be tough for anyone to get close to Veda again. Feel sorry for Mileina since I think she did like Tieria. It’s not like he’s dead, but at the same time he isn’t there physically. Always the potential for him to get out if he ever wants to though.

The epilogue was really nice and they tried to focus on many characters before it was over. The world is changing and Celestial Being will be there to watch them. Not that surprised by Patrick being alive, but hard to expect they’d show it at his wedding to Kati! I guess this proves that persistence can indeed pay off.

Final Words:

Overall this has been one of my favourite shows this season. If you include the first season we’ve had 50 episodes of great anime. There will be people who disagree about how good the series was and some that may label it a failure. But I think this series managed to accomplish what it set out to do.

The characters were nicely developed though some got more than others. Tieria was without a doubt the best developed character with how he changed from that cold figure at the beginning to one who wanted to look out for all of humanity at the end. Setsuna of course grew, became a leader and an Innovator. He has finally realized what he should be doing and how he can help people.

I can’t complain about the fights since they really had some nice ones. At the start Celestial Being was just too powerful, but soon things started to get complicated. Even with the introduction of Trans-Am and Tau Drives the series managed to keep on going. Also the series managed to send a message about understanding and what is needed for humanity to move forward.

This really has been a nice run. After what happened with Destiny I was wondering where this would go. But they managed to take a nice step forward with Gundam 00 and so I’m confident in the future. Besides it isn’t quite over yet with the movie being announced for 2010. I’m curious what that will be about and who the enemy will end up being. They have played up the talk about future dialogues with aliens so it might go in that direction.

Regardless I’m glad to have watched this series and get to share a few of my thoughts on it.

7 thoughts on “Gundam 00 2nd Season – Final Impressions”

  1. Happy endings all around, and after Ribbons died everyone miraculously decided to put aside their differences lol. In other words, a typical Gundam happy ending.

    Looking forward to the Gundams vs. Alien movie in 2010!!

  2. I have yet to watch episode 22 and beyond, but I’m guessing Setsuna doesn’t die like I expected.

  3. @TJ
    Must be hard to be so positive :). Not sure you can say all differences put aside. Once the information about A-LAWS’s activities were brought out it would bring some major chaos. They’d have to put Marina back on the throne to have any chance at cooperation from the Middle East. Considering the amount of people they’d have to arrest and kick out internally they’ll need the cooperation from groups like Kataron to keep the peace. Probably cut some deals legally. They didn’t really have time to show how things were resolved in detail. CB certainly hasn’t been forgiven for their actions and once the internal military situation is resolved they will try to track them down.

    With Ribbons and the rogue Innovators dead there isn’t much to “miraculously” resolve. The leader of A-Laws killed himself rather than be charged with crimes against humanity. President who was part of it was probably kicked out. I’m just not sure where all the negativity is coming from. The worst possible thing was Kataron getting a part in the political sphere. But really its tough to convict Kataron of crimes when they can put up videos of A-Laws blowing up the Middle East.

    @ Gollyzilla
    Well that Setsuna in the picture could be a ghost :). But yeah I think Setsuna’s death shouldn’t be something to be expecting.

  4. In regards to the movie, I’m curious about all the innovator appearances. Were those the people the innovados were based off or reappearances? Setsuna lived and we don’t see Ribbons death so who knows…

  5. @Guardian
    Well I’d assume those Innovados are the work of Tieria. We have to remember they weren’t supposed to be bad guys. Originally they should be out there seeing how things are developing. With their link to Veda they can give Tieria a better view of what is happening. So I think they are new Innovados since anyone the original Innovados were based on would have been dead long ago.

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