White Album – 12

Touya gets fired yet again, but not before Rina passes along an important message.


Maybe it’s just me but something looked odd about the animation this week. Touya looked odd though maybe my views of him are starting to distort my vision. The guy had to cut across the field to catch up to Rina on the track. Clearly he should spend less time with Yayoi and more time actually dealing with the issues in his life. I was honestly glad that Rina passed along the message from the letter to Touya. He needed something serious to shake him from that state he was in. The guy was just going with the flow and not really dealing with the core issues. If he felt that he was in the way he should talk to Yuki about it. It’s better than fooling around with her manager which can’t possibly end well. Touya should have never accepted the ride home with Yayoi. That woman has pushed herself onto him almost every time they go somewhere. Maybe she has a point that he isn’t resisting as much as you’d expect. He really needs to deal with Yayoi and soon.

Had to know it would be tough to get a ticket so close to the actual concert. Besides unless he got the pay from Rina’s job before she fired him I’d wonder if he could even afford to go. Guess this is why he kept all those extra jobs. The man seems to exist only to get fired again.

Of course Yuki isn’t without fault in the situation. She was trying to hold back from seeing Touya due to her focus on changing. Although with how Touya has been acting she might have gotten nowhere even if she tried to contact him. Now there isn’t really anything wrong with wanting to change yourself and grow from the person that you currently are. But if you’re suffering that much the question has to be asked if its really worth it?

Had to know it would be tough to get a ticket so close to the actual concert. Besides unless he got the pay from Rina’s job before she fired him I’d wonder if he could even afford to go. Guess this is why he kept all those extra jobs. The man seems to exist only to get fired again.

I don’t get Mana though. She buys the story about him working hard that honestly sounded like a lie. Yet this girl completely disregards the truth like it’s the plague. Haruka probably spent a few episodes just convincing the girl she wasn’t named Yuki. Maybe the rich really are out of touch. I can’t exactly blame her for not buying that he is Yuki’s boyfriend. But geeze what a twisted development to have that annoying woman as her mother. Suddenly I feel so much sympathy for Mana it can’t be described. Plus you have to give her credit for going so far to help Touya out. Can’t imagine it’s easy to ask for a favour when your relationship with your mother is that strained. Maybe the prank was going too far this time. But have to wonder about the police when they see a guy dragging a kid away and yet do nothing.

Akira is getting carried away with his behaviour though. I mean what kind of idiot just rips up a valuable ticket like that? Even if you’re not going to go you could sell that for some nice cash. He’s letting his grudge against Touya go too far. Just because Misaki fell for Touya doesn’t mean he should keep being a jerk. It makes it look like he was only Touya’s friend because it let him be closer to Misaki. Feel bad for Mana once the ticket parade starts coming in. Was a little surprised that Misaki and Haruka gave up their tickets so Touya could go to the concert. Hopefully he had the sense to return two of the tickets since it would be a waste for him to have three.

The stalker guy is really disturbing though. I hope that they called the cops and got that guy arrested. He’s been creepy from the start and his advances have been a concern. But actually trying to kill the girl is just going well off the deep end. Though I’m not sure Akira is all that healthy either with his messed up laughter.

Finally the concerts have arrived. It should be a pretty major event with all that is coming together with this.

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  1. I’m dropping this officially. After so many ‘romance’ dramas and anime, I have to ask myself, “Are Japanese men supposed to be this passive, indecisive and weak?”

    Obviously not, because there are several where the guy clearly knows what he wants. Every episode so far has left me with a sour taste, and I see no point continuing. [Truthfully, I was watching because of Yayoi. There’s a fetishist streak in me that enjoys seeing the transformation from stern lady to freaky, while the facial expressions don’t change much. Makes me wonder just what exactly is going on in her mind].

    How many times does Touya have to cry? Just writing this is giving me the aforementioned sour taste. :-(

  2. @Azuka

    I know exactly how you feel. After I cover the 13th episode am not confident it will be nice to have a break from this show. Not certain that I’ll pick up the second season of it in the fall. Rina has pretty much been the only thing keeping me in there. But there just isn’t a point if your not enjoying the episodes from the series.

    Well the protagonists being passive, indecisive and weak probably ties to the harem model. After all anyone without those qualities would stop it from developing further. Not letting the various girls get attached when only one really has a chance at being with the guy.

    Touya has gone from being someone I’m ambivalent toward, to someone I’m just annoyed with. There are some things going on beyond his control and I can understand being uncertain about the future with a growing idol like Yuki. But instead of doing anything he just has constantly run away. Helping Misaki was as much to avoid thinking about the real problem than helping a friend out. What has gone on with Yayoi has just added to that. The moment he gets into that car after all that’s happened he has to know she will try to force herself onto him.

    It has been a long series there is no doubt about that.

  3. Well, I never liked Touya from the start. I seem to have a pretty good eye for this kind of thing, probably because there’s a sort of formula that lets you know within two minutes just what kind of guy I’m dealing with.

    Regarding the harem model, most harem anime make me wonder just what the girls see in such a guy. Of course, the generic harem reason is “because he’s kind.” Luckily, I’ve seen several harems where the guy doesn’t just get pulled in every which direction but somehow manages not to choose anyone until the end (Shuffle, Final Approach, Tenchi Muyo). The downside is that there’re so few of them, and the plot lines tend to be on the silly side.

    I’m going to be doing what I do best — read anime blogs and only watch the episodes that have something that interests me. I may be forced to watch the series through to the end though, if it gets so bad that everyone drops it.

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