Our Spring 2009 Picks

Well, as this site has always done the spring post here isn’t so much to tell you what is out there, but what the people on this site will be watching and blogging, so you know what to expect from the posts. As a recent post has mentioned this site will be doing a LOT more posts that just go arc by arc, not episode by episode. So we’ll have posts scattered throughout the series based on arc endings or character introductions. That way we can do a lot more series and also make the posts for those series far more interesting. Well, without any more delay here are the lists:


Tears to Tiara

Well, I picked this series for several reasons. First off, although I seem to be alone in this, I really did like Utawarerumono. I haven’t played the game, but liked the series enough. Seeing as how the game source for this anime is made by the same people as Utawarerumono, Leaf, I want to give this a try. An even bigger force behind really paying this show a lot of attention is I plan to very soon play and beat the game version, as I have it available to me. Hopefully I’ll be able to beat the game before the anime and give impression on how they differ.

Flare’s Comment: I’m looking forward to watching this one. The story sounds interesting from what I’ve heard. Do like seeing what kind of fantasy world the people behind this kind of series can create.

Hayate no Gotoku

I watched and LOVED the first season of this series. Nagi is just such a fun character to watch, being a perfect tsundere/loli that is obsessed with anime and games and very lazy. So many of the qualities I have…Combine that with some of the most impressive and hilarious content that parodies other anime and breaks the fourth all, it looks to have promise.

Flare’s Comment: It’s always easy to relax while watching an episode of Hayate. Sometimes the series fell off my radar for a while, but it always came back. Mostly I’ll enjoy watching for Hinagiku who ended up being my favorite part of the first season.


I don’t really have a choice as to whether or not I watch this or not, KyoAni are my gods and they command me to watch, so here I am. While I don’t’ think it will be some epics anime that will live up and make everyone praising it I doubt it will be horrible. It looks like it will be a nice charming comedy, while not being flat out hilarious, still being a lot of fun, so I’m giving it a chance.

Flare’s Comment: The musical element of this show is what will likely keep me watching. I’m not sure how good this will be, but expecting a pretty solid show.

Scott’s Comment: Well like Xebek, its a KyonAni (which I’ve been pleased with in the past) so I’ve gotta at least check it out. Not sure I dig the music club thing but I think its bound to have some comedy in there due to the fact the girls don’t know jack about music.


While I usually end up going with less serious series, or series with a heavier romance focus or even action, this series just seemed intriguing so I figured I’d take a look even if it’s not what I normally watch. It seems to have a very epic and over compassing plot with some serious elements that I hope are very interesting.

Flare’s Comment: I’m mostly curious since this show has an interesting premise. The lead has an appeal to her along with what she is carrying. A show like this could be solid or it could just be a miss.

Scott’s Comment: The premise of this sounds very interesting to me. I’m not entirely sure what they mean by forest city but that alone makes the series sound interesting.

Natsu no Arashi

Well, seeing as how I’m a huge fan of romance anime, I feel I have to check this one out. It looks to have promise as it will be a bit more serious the some other harem comedy romance mixes. Although I don’t think this will be super serious all the time, it does at least have some promise for actual story ad character development.

Scott’s Comment: Totally not sure why this interests me but it seems like something I might like. It’s based off a sci-fi lovecom manga. The scifi part /comedy part sounds like it should be interesting but I will see how it goes.


Fullmetal Alchemist

It’s an interesting thing when the past happens to appear in front of you. I had some great memories of this series when I watched the dub years ago. The ending and the movie that followed just didn’t sit right with me. So the news that this would be redone and follow the source material closer clinched it as something I had to cover. Like following adventures like this and seeing the characters overcomes obstacles. The action should be good and I’m excited about it.

Xebek’s Comment: I watched the first series a while ago and I liked the basic premise and plot throughout most of it, but it fell apart at the end. This will hopefully combine what I liked about the first series and fix the bad stuff.

Asura Cryin

The summary for this series really drew me in. Something about haunted by a childhood friend leaves me with a smile. I do honestly like some romance and think there is some potential here. This should allow me to mix my support for series with action with possible romantic development. I don’t have a lot of information to go on, but have a good feeling with this.

Scott’s Comment: This sounds intriguing but this is one of those series I’m not sure I’m gonna watch. I’m placing this in the maybe pile. It might be good. I don’t know. I will have to see. The pic of the series looks cute.

Pandora Hearts

I seem to be falling into a more action based comfort zone for this season. The story summary I’ve heard so far has made me interested in seeing what might happen. I’m not expecting more than a hint of romance in a series like this, but never know what might happen. There seems to be good potential in the story and that’s enough to make me want to follow this.

Valkyria Chronicles

Now this is almost a replacement for Tales of the Abyss. It’s a similar position since I have played the game this is based on and know the story is good enough. Not often that I follow a good war story so this will be a nice change of pace. It stays within the action genre that I’m already focused on. Definitely looking forward to seeing how they transfer events into the anime setting. This could end up being a very good entry to the Spring anime season.

Scott’s Comment: Omo got me really excited about this series so I will watching. I’ve never played the game so I really don’t know much about it. But it seems like it will be an interesting series nonetheless.


Queens Blade

Ok, this series alot of people are probably not watching because it will a very heavy on the fanservice. But that is one reason I wanna check this out. Maybe it will be similar to Ikkitousen, which I enjoyed (for some reason). Anyways, another interesting thing about it that has some big name voice actors: Hirano Aya, Kugimiya Rie, and Noto Mamiko (my goddess). (Those are the only one’s I’m familar with. Not sure about the other voice actors.) I’m looking forward to hot girls with big tits fighting it out. How can you go wrong?

Eden of the East

This series looks like it should be really interesting. The premise sounds a bit stupid but from what I’ve heard it should be good. Not sure. I will have to see how this plays out. The artwork seems to be the same as Honey and Clover so I’d like to see that. The big kicker of this series is that, besides being a Production I.G. series, the director did both Ghost in the Shell and Seirei no Moribito. I enjoyed those series, especially Ghost in the Shell. Sound promising but I’m not sure if I will like it.

Hatsukoi Limited

It seems that this will be a romantic slice-of-life series dealing with several different high school and middle school girls (reminds me of Kita e ~Diamond Dust Drops~). It seems that eventually the individual stories will come together. Not sure how that plays out but I’d like to at least try it out. Plus, the girls look cute.

2 thoughts on “Our Spring 2009 Picks”

  1. Fullmetal Alchemist, Hatsukoi Limited and Shangri-La for me. Might even check out Queen’s Blade for the boobs lol.

  2. FMA and possibly Valkyria Chronicles. I just don’t have the time to watch anime as I used to. I lol hard everytime I see Queen’s Blade though (almost everyone’s fav. VA is in it practically).

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