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Why, yes there is a new writer joining the site. He is none other than scottfrye (hi there). I think most people know me from my former blog, AnimeLife. That site is now gone but I’m here to add some spice to this blog. I was asked to come aboard to write some editorial and non-episodic stuff. Xebek basically asked: “Could you please save my blog?” I said (boldly): “Why, yes. I will save your blog from the monotony of episodic posting.” (That’s not really how it happened but let’s just say that it did.) Really, it was more like put up or shut up but in a nicer tone.

Moving on, let me formally introduce myself. My name is Scott (aka scottfrye) and as I said I will be here to write some of the non-episodic and editorial posts. I’m from the southeastern US and I’ve been watching anime for about 10 years now. I guess you could say that I’ve seen alot of anime (see my Anime List) but there is still so much more to be seen. Anyways, I would say that my favorite genres are slice-of-life (more specifically iyashikei), comedy, scifi and yuri. I like to spend my free time watching anime, reading anime & tech blogs, occasionally playing a video game, and occasionally reading manga.

Hopefully, I can live up to everyone’s expectations and write some good stuff. I will try my best. Not sure I will out write Xebek and FlareKnight, due to mass amounts of episodic posts they do, but I will try to help add to the site. Here’s to a better blog!

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