Big Site Changes Both In Content and Layout

Hello everyone. As you may be able to tell by looking at the site, there is a new banner up. However I’m not quite that out of touch with things that I would title this post with “Big Changes” if that’s all there is. The new banner is one of many small and big changes that I and others have done to this site, and I’m here to tell you about some of them, including a new writer.

First of all, the biggest change with the site isn’t actually in its appearance or layout in any way. The biggest change and the main reason I’m writing this post is to let everyone know about it. The whole direction of this site is changing. Previously this site was probably 90 percent episode review posts. However I want to make this site much more. Starting with the new season there is going to be a change in how the posts come across and the amount of different kinds written. For starters the number of series that are covered on an episode by episode basis will decrease, which means that there will be more shows where we will only do occasional posts. Now, that may seem like it’s just basically doing less, but in fact I’m making this change so there is the same amount of work involved, but with a better result. You may have noticed some posts such as Flare’s posts on the series Index, and a couple of my Toradora posts that focused on one series but didn’t have a post every episode. We are going to try and bring more of these posts, as they are much more thought out and interesting when they can focus on something bigger than an episode, when they focus on an entire arc. With this new season there will be about the same number of series covered but the posts will be more thought out and not on every episode but just the important and intriguing things.

Before I get too further in listing some of the changes, I should talk about the new writer who I briefly mentioned. While I won’t say too much about him as he will be posting an introduction post, his name is Scottfrye. He used to have an AB site and then moved on to his own domain, then joined up with me. I’ve known him for a while and think he’ll help out this site. This segues into one of the other changes in the site, as I will be doing less episode posts that makes room for more editorial posts such as my Character Profile posts I’ve done, and several others I can think of. Scott wont’ be doing many episode or series posts but instead will do some editorials, and the other writers will do them as well.

As for the actual physical changes made to the site, well I’ll tell you about them, as some are small and may not be noticeable and some of you may just be too stu….well, I’ll just tell you about them. First off most of the changes were actually coded and done by the new writer Scottfrye, so props to him on the work; it was everyone’s joint effort as to decide what needed to be done, while he actually did it. First off there’s a new banner and the pages have actually been outfitted to not appear hardly visible inside the banner. I FINALLY updated the quote, though that’s not really an overall site change… One of the biggest things is that now we have a section under there that not only lists the most recent episode of the week, which by the way WILL start to get updated with these changes that are happening. But it also features automatically updating notifications of the most recent figure post and editorial psot, both of which I have mentioned will start being written much more often now that the way we handle episode posts changes. The categories have been cleaned up, the currently blogging series getting their own section and then the finished anime getting separated from the rest to reduce clutter. They are still there in a drop down menu, as are the archives while the rest of the categories are now much more visible. The blogroll has been moved to its own page where we feature some of the different writers’ favorite sites in addition to just normal blogroll links and Link Exchange sites.

Anyways, that’s about it. The main thing about the site changes that I really want to get across is, as I said, the way the episodes will be handled. There will be far more editorial posts and fewer posts that go episode by episode, focusing on the ones that handle whole arcs and give much more interesting and less forced writing and impressions. That’s a about it, keep an eye out to see these changes in action, and the new writer, Scottfrye, introduction post.

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  1. lol, except I seem to be absent from that list and it wasn’t so much as a site merging as a writer who hasn’t written anything in ages joining up :D However, as I am moving the blog in a different direction something like that, as mentioned in the prediction, wouldn’t be too far away from something that would be fine, yet the fact I’m not included seems. If some blog owner wants to contact me about that, bring ‘um on.

    For now though, its just adding a writer and doing more editorial posts :D

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