To Aru Majutsu – Final Impressions

This arc wasn’t a bad way to finish Index off, although they probably could have done without Touma repeating the same speeches over and over again. There is nothing wrong with reassuring someone that their life is precious. But it does go a bit overboard when you keep repeating it. If the person can’t get it then you might as well spare the audience from having to continue listening to it. But that doesn’t change that this was still an alright arc, just not my favourite.


Now to be fair I’m not a real fan of the Hyoka character type. It’s not because she isn’t technically human, but rather the rest of her. Really for some reason just couldn’t care much about her character while things were going on. Sure have sympathy for finding out she wasn’t human, but she really did some foolish things. Charging toward a golem is hardly the best course of action. If your going to freak out and run might as well do it in the opposite direction. At least she managed to impress near the end with fighting the golem and having a nicely done farewell with Index. Although I was personally waiting for her to get knocked off the building they were on when Index tackled her. There is a time and a place for running into a friend and that probably wasn’t it. Sure Hyoka would be fine since she isn’t human, but Index would end up going splat.

A nice part of the arc was including Kuroko and Mikoto in this. Although they didn’t have a major role it was nice seeing them here. They had a pretty comical scene at the very end with Kuroko sneaking into Mikoto’s shower stall. For some reason I don’t think that is the first time she has done something of that nature….With all the magicians sneaking into the city there really is more and more chances for confrontations. That city is going to get into a serious mess at some point.

Probably a key point for Index fans was the role she played this time around. Honestly Index has been a very minor character ever since the first arc ended. They can’t let her use magic since she would be too powerful. There wouldn’t be a point of anyone else in the show since her ability would let her handle just about anything the universe could throw at her. On the other hand if she can’t use any magic she is only useful as a reference book. Best place to keep her is out of sight and just make a phone call if troubled. She was a pretty key player with making friends with Hyoka and surviving for so long against that golem.

Liked the last scenes which showed how everyone was doing after this situation. I can’t believe Touma went to the hospital just to brag about not being hospitalized this time around. Though suppose for him it is a great achievement to not be badly hurt. Might want to avoid mentioning he went and beat a girl up though…It was also good to see Accelerator and Last Order for a short moment. Obviously she knows what happened from the comment left regarding that specific arc. But also she wouldn’t be there if she didn’t remember what he did. Guess it’s not a bad idea for the former scientist to take care of them both. It’s probably not safe for Accelerator to stay by himself in the condition that he’s in. Perhaps the greatest surprise was someone actually giving Last Order some clothes!

It was a pretty good arc and it set things up for further conflicts down the road. Sadly for Touma a potential new addition to his harem had to leave the stage after the fight was over. But he would have destroyed her with his right hand anyways so it’s not a huge loss.

Final Words:

When I first heard about this show I just wasn’t sure what to expect from it. There seemed to be interesting potential with the mixture of special abilities and magic. Not too often you go and make those distinctions between the two of them. At times the show could get really technical and slowed down by its own explanations. It is difficult since they did need to explain how some of these thigns were possible. Yet they could go too far and completely ruin the pace of a fight with people talking about their moves. It’s probably why a novel is a good place for this kind of story. They can just write down the explanations and it is less apparent that the fight is stuck at a standstill.

But the fights really weren’t that bad overall. The best one was still the first with Touma going up against Stiyl. Was such a huge event and made one wonder if the apartment complex would get burned down. Some of them ended in a pretty suspicious manner. The fight between Touma and Accelerator was tough since it was hard to see Touma winning. Accelerator who was supposed to be smart completely stopped using his brain and didn’t do what was letting him win the fight earlier on. Overall the fights weren’t bad and we got to see numerous abilities come into the picture.

As mentioned before Index really became a secondary character in a show that was named after her. She just stopped being that relevant and events just didn’t circle around her that much. At times the girl could be pretty annoying and selfish. For a person freeloading at another’s apartment she could be pretty demanding. It was just a bit much seeing her go around biting people, taking their bed, and not seeming to be thankful she has a roof over her head. She was a pretty sympathetic character early on though and so I didn’t dislike her. I just wish that she didn’t get Touma’s memory destroyed. After his memory got destroyed Touma was just not as interesting to me. I just couldn’t understand him not telling anyone about his memory.

There was little romantic progress in this series, because the main character had to rebuild his relationships from the ground up. It almost got to a harem stage with the girls that ended up joining his ‘forces’. Mikoto’s development was nice to see since it was building from her relationship to Touma before he ever met Index. She is just not the type who can easily talk about how she feels. Which is probably a good thing since the current Touma doesn’t seem ready for that kind of thing.

The series set itself up for a sequel pretty well. They introduced a pretty cute archbishop at the very end which wouldn’t make much sense if they weren’t considering continuing. A reflection of the series doing pretty well is the announcement that they will be animating To Aru Kagaku no Railgun. It is a side-story manga that has Mikoto as the protagonist. I’m really looking forward to it since Biri-Biri had easily become my favourite character in this show. My expectation is that they will animate this and probably announce a sequel to Index after it finishes. I have no idea when Railgun will be starting, but it’s something to look forward to.

Pretty glad that I decided to blog about this series and watch it. It was a pretty good time overall when you take all the pieces that made it up. It could have been done better, but it also could have been handled much worse than it was. A really interesting world was created and some fun adventures occurred in it.

4 thoughts on “To Aru Majutsu – Final Impressions”

  1. We can always use more Biri-biri. She’d probably make a better protagonist than Touma I’d imagine. Plus we’ll have Kuroko as the sidekick too lol, which should lead to plenty of hilariousness.

    I thought To Aru Majutsu no Index was a nice surprise. First arc was awesome, but after that a bit hit and miss. It’d be a really good show if they found a way to simplify/do away with all the useless speeches, but it was definitely still enjoyable for me. Looking forward to the next season.

  2. I agree with you exactly on Index. Her name is in the title, but she is barely used. I still thought it as a good series, it reminded me a lot of Shakugan no Shana, which is one of my favorites (it was made by J.C. Staff so there are some similarities). It sets up a lot for the second season, and I am looking forward to the side story a lot, where Mikoto and her lesbian roommate will play major roles. Mitoko rules.

    I’d expect To Aru Kagaku no Railgun to appear over the summer sometime in OVA form, and I base this assumption on absolutely nothing.

  3. @TJ

    Agree that more of Biri-biri is a positive no matter how you look at it. Has a great personality and fights with her have great potential with the electrical attacks she has. Plus you toss in Kuroko who hinted at how she can fight and you’ve got a good duo right there. Though Kuroko will also toss in her obsession with Mikoto.

    @Glo the Legend

    Remembered hearing that Index was originally written as a single volume. Then the popularity encouraged the writer to add onto it. Probably couldn’t think of a way to use Index and yet couldn’t change the title of the story either. Considering how it ended a second season is easy to predict. No reason to add people like the Archbishop or say that Kanzaki is missing otherwise.

    Definitely have high expectations for Railgun when it airs. From what I know there should be enough material for a 13 episode series.

  4. Index was a fun show. Granted, there were plenty of cringeworthy bits (preaching, annoying melodrama, poor conclusions to several arcs), but all in all, I found it to be a pleasant watch in spite of this.

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