Tales of the Abyss – 23

Mohs and Largo attempt to prevent the group from lowering Hods defences.


I have to apologize to Largo at this point. Just don’t think his death was anywhere near as sad to watch as Arietta’s. At the same time it was definitely better than Dist who I’m not sure is even dead. At least with Largo you are certain the guy actually was killed. He was in a better position to just not do this considering he knew what was going on. Even though he lost a lot the guy was still willing to help Van kill everyone on the planet. Loss really is what binds some of the God Generals to Van’s cause. But guess that even if Largo had changed his mind it wouldn’t have mattered. Seemed like the type that would stick to the path he had chosen even if he realized it would lead him straight to Hell. Besides considering he is a warrior it was probably satisfying for him to be killed off by his own child.

An important even was getting that shield around Hod down. Now it will be possible for the group to bust in there and finish things once and for all. Of course to get to that point they had to deal with Largo and Mohs. It was quite satisfying seeing Mohs getting beaten like that. They couldn’t allow it when he was just a corrupt priest. Once he turned into a giant monster then it was perfectly alright to hit him with everything they had. Not surprising the guy was obsessed with the score to the very end. He even went so far as to pull another Ion replica out of the woodwork. Suppose that Anise feels she owes it to take care of that Ion after all she did. Not that it will bring the dead back, but it’s not a bad thing to be doing.

Van makes his return in time for the finale. It’s too bad for him that falling off of Hod to escape will only mean drowning in the ocean. With only a few episodes left he’ll have to try the novel approach of fighting to the death. The guy has a lot of power so it won’t be easy for them to take him down.

It was a good episode overall. They managed to finish a couple boss fights and remove barriers to the final arena. Now it appears next episode will handle the set up for those final fights. It has been a pretty long journey and now they just have to settle things. The sooner the better since it’s clear a few characters just don’t have the time to waste.

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