Druaga no To – The Sword of Uruk – 11

Neeba fights against Gil while Jil and the others rush to do the same.


It was kind of obvious that things were going to turn out this way. Although Neeba was setting out to defeat Gil, his motives were obviously messed up and skewed. He’s pretty much pure evil now. When Henaro picked up the staff, she didn’t get burned, so it doesn’t burn everyone. However both Gil and Neeba were burned by it and because of the obvious showing of Druaga limbs behind Neeba, he’s pretty much the bad guy. I am curious how they are going to go about defeating him. If they just have another straight up sword fight it would be a little odd, because they had a very interesting one this episode when they defeated Gil. I think that they would have to use another method of defeating Neeba but I don’t’ really know what they could actually do.

I really liked the way that Gil’s story turned out in the end. Although he was pretty much cemented as the bad guy, killing people, and so on he really had quite a tragic story to him. Here he was, simply a good guy trying to be a hero and defeat an evil monster. When he accomplishes this and saves everyone he is cursed by the monster and tortured for hundreds of years as he sees his loved ones die and is forced to live a life he never wanted to lead. It wasn’t his fault he was cursed, and then he held out for a damn long time and eventually turned evil not because of any choice he made but solely because of the curse. He really did nothing wrong. It’s like some terminal illness, people can be strong and fight it, and because of their conviction they may hold out longer, but in the end there is nothing they can do to stop it from taking over. It really was quite a tragic story.

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