Clannad ~After Story~ – 23

We see how Tomoya and Kyou first met, and the troubles Nagisa went though when she started third year by herself.


I liked this episode quite a lot. I’m kind of glad they made this extra episode a prequel and not a sequel. The last episode, the real final episode, had a kind of cinematic ending to it that would kind of be lost if they were to add something to the end of it. I was a bit surprised that this prequel took place so early. From the preview I thought perhaps it would happen only a few days before the first episode of the first season during the first couple of episodes of the first season, but I didn’t expect a whole year. I actually really liked seeing it that early, as it was fun seeing how Kyou and Tomoya met and some of the things he and Sunohara tried to do. It was also quite funny that Tomoya and Sunohara ended up pranking Nagisa like that, if only they knew what was to come…

It does seem as if there is yet another episode, but I don’t have too much promise that it will be anything interesting. It says it’s a compilation episode and they can’t easily combine 40+ episodes into one, or even 23 into one. Plus compilation means its stuff we’ve seen before. I’ll still check it out, but it’s not like this episode where there was original content.

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  1. Probably the funniest episode of Clannad. I loved to see how the characters interacted with each other when they were all strangers.

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