Slayers Evolution-R – 09

The soul of Rezo stirs within the jar as the group goes item collecting.


Well I think this just killed the seriousness of Rezo the Red Priest. A guy who treid to kill the group and was a powerful threat has now been regulated to a stupid voice coming out of a jar. If it was at all my fault would say sorry to the guy. I was almost expecting Zelgadis to threaten the jar with annihilation if he didn’t get an answer on how to turn his body back to normal. Of course that is entirely possible to happen in the next episode so it’s not a big deal. Not surprising that Pokota and Zel were the ones most after that jar. Have pretty opposite views about Rezo considering their pasts. Of course most likely that Rezo did have good intentions when helping Pokota’s people. Simply that it was later that he started to become darker and doing more terrible things. It could be interesting if he did have an agenda, but can’t know for sure until they deal with it.

Most of the episode was pretty silly with all the comedy coming back into play. With only a few episodes left would have liked them to try and focus on making it a great conclusion. At this point it’s not even near Try which was a degree below the first two seasons. It is still possible to make the end a fun one.

Curious about what role Xellos will play in all of this. There is no way he’ll let the jar go if it’s something he really needs to get. Will probably play his usual card of letting things develop on their own for a while. But he has already shown the ability to make a huge impact without any warning. He’s a powerful character who could kill the entire group if he really got serious about doing it. At any rate I’m hoping for a bit more serious episode following this comedy one.

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