Maria + Holic – 10

Kanako tries to prepare for upcoming tests and Kiri deals with a confession.


I was surprised with how much I liked this episode. The theme of this series so far seems to be that it is mostly random; however this episode actually had several mini plots so to say. It wasn’t just random jokes and random happenings; there were actual little stories like Kanako dealing with her tests and Kiri dealing with the confession, which was surprising yet very nice for this series. I hope they continue with a little more structure like this, while keeping the comedy aspect to it.

I thought the confession story was pretty damn funny. I laughed several times, every time that “Mr. Berlin” would come up with an excuse as to why he should go out with Kiri, it was genius. The whole resume thing was just so odd yet fit the rejection reason so well, it was very well thought out and very funny. I thought Kanako talking bad about the guy, listing things that apply to her as things that are wrong with him to be funny. She was pretty much describing herself.

One thought on “Maria + Holic – 10”

  1. The thing that I find successful about Maria Holic is that it’s able to be a comedy with a plot. Random jokes leading nowhere can be just annoying, but Maria Holic always seems to have direction, which is what keeps it interesting in my opinion.

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