Maria + Holic – 09

Kanako takes part in the festival at school while learning of the seven mysteries the school holds.


I thought this was a great episode. This series hasn’t really impressed me too much so far, but I thought this episode did a bit of a better job in being fun to watch. I thought the whole seven mysteries thing was very funny. It both had small funny jokes in it which I think this show does the best, but then also ended off with the weird “cliffhanger’ that this show seems to end with which ends up being nothing at all. The best part of the whole seven mysteries bit was that Kanako was the cause of about half of them, even though she just transferred to the school and they all have to do with her fantasying a bit too much about all the yuri opportunities around her. I’m sure, as the weird cliffhangers have been in the past, that the whole thing about knowing all seven of the mysteries being a big deal will turn up to be nothing and a bit of a waste of time, but the rest of the mysteries were great single jokes by themselves.

There were some interesting real story parts of this episode, such as Aya and Mariya’s history. Usually the serious character talk they’ve done hasn’t’ turned out to be very good and one of the series weak points, but I didn’t really mind the bit they showed about their back-story because there was enough comedy in it to keep it fun to watch. I really like the relationship between Aya and Mariya and hope they how the two of them more just because it’s very funny to see them insult each other, not for any serious reasons. I’ve given up on this show having any serious focus at all, and if the show itself would give up on that aspect I think it would make for a much better pure comedy series.

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  1. No doubt this was one of the funniest episodes so far. The Mariya and Ayari scene was funny especially given that all the embarrassment Ayari suffered through childhood was actually due to Shizu (the mole is on the other side of the face, plus change in seiyu), but you can’t blame Ayari for getting the two confused lol.

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