Druaga no To – The Sword of Uruk – 09

Jil learns of what happened to the others in his stead and decide to chase after Kaaya, who has been abducted.


This series is really progressing nicely I was originally concerned with how fast it was moving, wondering if they would have enough time to conclude thing, but right now they are further ahead then I anticipated. In fact I almost wish they would have spent a bit more time on things other than Jil climbing the tower. I thought the uprising was a very important part of the story that they didn’t give enough attention to. One of the more interesting parts of this series’ plot is Gil’s change and how he is becoming corrupt. An uprising like that really puts some focus on that, considering there is a time skip they have almost a year of content to show with them planning an uprising and things getting bad enough that it’s really needed, but they didn’t do very much.

I was surprised with Kaaya’s reasoning for leaving everyone behind when she went to the Mythical Tower. It sure is one hell of a good reason to have done it, to not want them to be killed. They did a good job at making it seem like leaving everyone behind was such an evil thing but it makes much more sense for it to be viewed as a good thing, not wanting them to die by following her, not wanting to just use them. I was also quite surprised that Henaro revealed herself to be a traitor this early. I figured that she would continue pretending to be on the good side until much closer to the end. Although, I guess now is a good time for something like that, as them finding Kaaya and Neeba means there aren’t many more twists to deal with until the top of the tower. I still feel that Henaro will turn good and save them in the end or something, because she seemed too reluctant to be doing this all in the first place.

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  1. Honestly pity Gilgamesh. The poor guy just wanted to save the girl he cared about and all this crap happens. Really makes you wonder if he was the worse of compared to Druaga in that final battle. Since you can’t undo all the terrible things done to him might as well let him rest in peace.

    I always believed that Kaaya thought what she was doing was the right thing. It was kind of too late to be worried about using them. She already used them to get to where the Mythical Tower was in the first place. Might as well use them to the end if your going to go that far and put their lives in danger. Still don’t like the idea of choosing for everyone what is best for them. Considering what they all went through should have at least given them a choice.

    Guess they wanted to get the Henaro betrayal out of the way. Have to deal with Gilgamesh and everything else as it is. Besides does open the chance to redeem Henaro now that she has betrayed them early enough.

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