To Aru Majutsu – Angel Fall Arc

This wasn’t a bad series of episodes. It actually managed to surprise me a little bit with how things ended up developing. Was also good to meet Touma’s parents and see what kind of people they were. It definitely reinforces the fact that Touma can run into crazy circumstances no matter where he goes. Of course it would be a boring series if he didn’t manage to stumble into these things.


Maybe it’s just me, but I still don’t get why Touma doesn’t say anything about his memory. I mean is there an actual reason behind it? It’s not like it’s a crime to lose your memory. Amnesia does exist so it’s not like there wouldn’t be some explanation behind it. Just seems strange to pretend in front of everyone that you are fine. Your whole life until this point is gone. Family and friends should be told just so you can be helped in re-orienting yourself. The only thing I can think of is not wanting Index to feel bad. But is that worth wandering through life in the dark? It’s not like the memory is coming back after all. Just seems wrong to not tell his parents at the very least.

At any rate this was a pretty solid arc when you think about it. Had some pretty comedic moments like his cousin having Mikoto’s appearance. Of course there is no other way you will possibly see her acting like that. The Index part has some laughs attached to it, though you also feel a bit bad for her. From her point of view Touma lost it and started being more mean to her than usual. Though it was kind of creepy seeing a guy wearing that bathing suit…The funniest thing had to be in regards to Kanzaki (who had some fanservice in this arc). I mean having everyone regard your appearance as Stiyl. It’s pretty funny though suppose she wouldn’t have agreed with me.

Touma doesn’t have a bad family that’s for sure. Can understand sending him to the Academy City to try and remove him from those who made fun of him. Oddly enough he actually did have an esper ability that explained it. Having his right hand actually cancel the luck around him which then creates all those terrible circumstances. It’s kind of crazy that his father accidentally caused the Angel Fall. He was just trying to help his son in any way he could and it almost caused a disaster of biblical proportions. It’s at least nice that he could spend some time with them after appearances were restored.

Is it a bit odd how often Touma ends up in the hospital? I mean he wasn’t even badly hurt this time around. Sure he got beat up a little bit, but that was hardly the worst thing someone has ever done to him. Frankly think they put him there for comedic reasons rather than due to any real injury. He didn’t even get a real opponent this time around. Though it’s good to not have him win and save the day every single time. Kanzaki actually handled herself quite well considering the level of her opponent. Not sure she should be thanking Touma considering he didn’t do anything.

Not sold yet on the new OP. The visuals aren’t bad, but the music doesn’t start off that well in my opinion.

2 thoughts on “To Aru Majutsu – Angel Fall Arc”

  1. The arc was pretty good at the beginning with all the hilariousness of the body-switching (and Kaori taking a bath, that was the highlight), but the final fight sucked. Kaori ended up playing whack the ice projectiles with the angel while Motoharu beat up the Kamijos and then save the day… could have just let Touma fight the angel or something.

  2. @TJ
    Somehow I wonder if letting Touma fight would be a good move. I mean he got his ass kicked as it was. Though it’s kind of sad to think he would have stood a better chance against the Angel. Against people who can actually fight he is completely helpless. Have to say this series really struggles in the major fight category. The win over Accelerator was pretty weak and this wasn’t that much better.

    Still the funny moments made up for that I think.

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