Zoku Natsume Yuujin-chou – 09

Natsume purchases a painting and meets a youkai connected to it.


This was a pretty nice episode, but showed that Natsume can be too nice at times. The painting was putting his very life in jeopardy and yet he wouldn’t allow Madara or Miya to destroy it. I can understand that he sympathized with Miya, but this was just too reckless. At least it worked out and Natsume avoided getting himself killed.

The key moment in this episode was definitely the meeting with Touko. Was one occasion when his talking to youkai was too obvious and he was stuck in a very uncomfortable position. That time he chose to tell a lie and say nothing was going on. I’m sure Touko didn’t buy it, but probably wanted to respect Natsume’s privacy. It fits with the theme of being afraid to tell others the truth. With his bad past there is a real fear of being rejected by those you care about. Natsume showed with his wanting to protect the house that he does care about the people living there.

Overall it was a really nice tale. Miya was a nice character and you could understand her being afraid to reveal what she was. The ending was pretty ambiguous so have to assume things worked out for her. Still she did a good job reminding Natsume of what he is afraid of. She was also kind enough to be willing to burn the painting even though it meant a lot to her. It just wasn’t possible for her to allow someone like Natsume to die like that.

It seems like the next episode might have something to do with Reiko. If so I’m looking forward to it since Reiko is a really interesting character. Either way the second season has been really enjoyable to watch.

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