White Album – 09

Misaki’s play finally is shown while she has a major encounter with Touya.


Well at least this seems to conclude the Misaki side of the story. Have to say there really are few characters that I care much about in this show. Not even sure what to say about Touya’s actions in this episode. Does he even still consider himself in a relationship with Yuki? Just not sure I can get the thought process that goes through his head. Even if it’s just getting caught up in the moment actually saying he was in love with Misaki was going too far. Not to mention the brilliant idea of shutting her up by kissing her. Honestly more and more I hope he ends up alone.

Guess I should respect Misaki for cutting it down right there. Either that or she figured anyone that could kiss and say he was in love with another girl while involved with someone would just cheat on her in the end. Still she isn’t blameless in all of this by any stretch. She only wanted Touya to help her out of her desire to spend more time with him alone. For some reason I don’t blame her as much as Touya, but still do leave fault of what happened with her.

Was Akira trying to be some holy figure or something? The lighting effect for his arrival really was playing it up. But wow he sure picked one heck of a time to confess. Talk about jumping in at her most vulnerable time. Well either way at least we don’t have to watch him being uncertain about telling Misaki how he feels. Though even if they do end up together he’ll have to live with the fact she is settling for him.

Someone has to inform Mana that Haruka isn’t Yuki. Of course it might be a while before that gets cleared up. Not sure what she was thinking with going to steal a kiss while Touya was unconscious. But since the guy is always sleeping on the job things like that are bound to happen. Guy is lucky to get paid at all with all the slacking off he does. It wasn’t bad to help Misaki out, but he can’t just shrug off his responsibilities. That point is especially true when he can’t hold a job or afford his rent.

Slowly moving toward the end of the series. I’m sure we’ll see some major disaster before this is all said and done. Hasn’t quite been the series I was expecting, but will see this through until the end.

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