Druaga no To – The Sword of Uruk – 08

Jil finally reunites with Neeba and fights with him against one of the assassins following them.


This was a pretty interesting and exciting episode. Things are progressing better than I had expected, especially after they showed several episodes of just getting though one random floor after another. Finally meeting up with Neeba and Kaaya completely changes the show now. On top of that, I’m sure the next episode will involve Kaaya and Jil reuniting, and that has to be a kind of awkward or at least interesting interaction. The show really stepped up in this episode, adding the reunion of the two teams, the escape of Kai, more mystery of the ghost and Neeba’s real intention, and the assassins. Hopefully they will continue to build on this momentum, as it could really make the show pretty good, but they could just as easily lose some of it and it will be a bit of a shame for the show.

I’m still really interested in what is going to happen with the assassin girl. It seems that the robot is at least dead, but there are still the two others. Whether or not she’ll now kind of be completely good or bad is questionable, as she still referred to the robot as her friend. She’s not in any action yet but at least she is still traveling so hopefully we’ll see something with her eventually, as her presence one way or another can change things up a lot.

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