Kurokami – 08

Kuro and Keita head to Okinawa to try and find out information on Keita’s mother.


This episode was alright, but sadly not too terribly interesting. The show is progressing in its story, but just fairly slow. This episode pretty much amounted to all of them going to Okinawa, visiting a guy to find out he knew nothing and just learning that something bad somewhere on this big island was happening at some time. That’s kind of putting it cynically but when they do things like reveal interesting parts of the show like Keita’s unique situation of being a sub and a contractee or revealing Kuro’s dark past then go and not build on that momentum or anything it’s a bit disappointing. The show has a lot of potential but just seems to be going much slower than it should.

I’m still curious if there will be any talk or focus on the issue of a dead person, a substitute, being part of the Master Root. They kind of explained the process where the Root absorbs the fate of the other two, kind of implies that the dead person isn’t completely gone. Seeing how they are collecting Master Roots, and the Master Root that resulted from Keita’s classmate is making more of an appearance, that issue may come up if he were to meet her, or if he met his mother’s doppelganger which has been shown with a connection to Hiyou.

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  1. They certainly took it easy in this episode, but hopefully things are going to change when Hiyou arrives with Shinobu (Keita’s mother’s doppelganger)

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