Tales of the Abyss – 20

Arietta challenges Anise to a duel while the group finds out some important information from Asch.


Not an episode I was looking forward to seeing. I mean you know its coming and yet its still sad when it actually does happen. Kind of reminds me of playing Crisis Core for the PSP. Think they did a good job making Arietta’s death all the more tragic with good use of flashbacks in the episode. Can’t exactly hit you with those during the fight in the game.

She fought with everything she had for someone that had been dead for such a long time. It’s not like Van didn’t tell her the truth out of some kind of compassion. I honestly think it was just done so he could continue using her as a valuable tool. Maybe she would have ended her life after finding out, but the point is she wasn’t left with strong bonds to anything. The ligers were annihilated and Ion was gone. Anise had the benefit of a living family and friends even after Ion passed away. The God Generals are far from a family. No one that she couldn’t see as an enemy tried to change her mind on this. Largo stood there as an observer and the rest of the group were seen as enemies.

Though not like they weren’t considering pyro Mieu was responsible for the liger situation and Jade actually did kill the mother Liger. Suppose it might not have done anything, but would have been nice to at least try and recommend what Ion would have wanted. Doubt the original or replica would have been jumping for joy at the two guardians fighting a duel to the death. She didn’t have to fight with the team since that would just be too much. I know its a selfish wish, but wished that they could have given her a reason to live on. Can try to make it nice with saying she is with the people she cares about. But death in the end is just sad. Just get depressed about these things when they do happen. For whatever reason got attached to Arietta and the death here is the hardest hitting of any in the series to this point.

I can talk about the episode now that I’ve killed any mood with my depressing rant. Feel for Asch in how he gets dumped with finding the jewel that Luke failed to get. I wonder if Van remembered to replicate a brain into that head of Luke’s sometimes. Just seems like there is nothing there and can understand why Asch is so bloody frustrated. Clear that there isn’t much time left and he’s struggling to get things done.

But there are other problems that can’t be ignored at this time. Mohs has finally gone off the deep end and turned himself into one ugly monster. The only positive there is that he is a combat target in that state. I mean it’s hard to kill a weak person no matter how annoying he is. But now that he has some power it should be allowed to destroy him. If they are willing to kill a loli in Arietta….Anyways Hod has come back into the picture and you can expect some depression from characters like Guy when they can finally get to that thing.

Have to make an interesting note regarding Luke’s discovery at the mountain. Obviously you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to connect that to Natalia. Though you do need to be a little smarter than Luke. Now could simply speculate that it was dropped when climbing a mountain. But really with this show that would be a bit too simple. Think many can figure out how that will turn out.

We can’t forget the problem of Van still being alive. You knew that guy gave up way too easily when the group went to face him. Not much time left in the series and still quite a bit to accomplish. Hopefully they can end this alright, though I’m preparing for a rough ride to the end.

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  1. *still waiting for the whole series to be completed before watching*

    I’m excited for this episode.. I liked Arietta ever since i read the Ion Gaiden… :(

    Why Van didn’t tell Arietta about the Original’s death?
    It is because it was what the Original Ion wanted. He didn’t want to let Arietta feel alone since Ion was the only one for her. Another Fon Master Guardian was reassigned for the 7th Ion so that Arietta would never find out that her Original Master has left her. And that she was in reality all alone… :(

    Lines from the Ion Gaiden:
    Ion: Arietta… If i’m going to disappear from this world, i will tell you beforehand.
    Arietta: Don’t go away! Whether it’s duty or score, I don’t care. I want Ion-sama to be with me. I don’t want to be alone anymore!! I hate being alone…!!
    Ion: Don’t mind it….I’m just joking… I will not go anywhere.

  2. @cklaighe

    Guess I just don’t like the idea that there was almost no way to avoid this ending. Seeing someone die without even knowing the truth just doesn’t sit well with me. Dying in a duel over someone that had been dead long before Anise ever became a Fon Master Guardian.

    I know the original Ion was in a difficult position. But this was hardly the best solution to go with. Instead of going with an elaborate lie would have liked to try making some other strong bonds that could support Arietta. Whether he dies and tells her or pulls this stunt the result is the same. Arietta will be separated from Ion and will never be able to be close to him again. Maybe the hope would be that would support her long enough to make other bonds, I don’t know.

    Mostly it’s just me not feeling satisfied with things even if there was no other way. Just feel like it couldn’t make things any worse to tell her the truth after the replica Ion died. Unless Anise expected to lose at least they could try. They both lost an Ion, I don’t see a reason to die over two dead people.

    On a certain level just think Van didn’t want to lose a tool. Probably had less to do with caring about the originals wishes than that losing Arietta would be a waste of resources.

  3. @flareKnight
    Van’s intention is one thing.. But, he also didn’t say anything about the original dying because as Largo said, Arietta would have killed herself immediately if she knew the Ion that she loved died. Maybe they tried giving her a new existence to live. But, besides the God Generals, ordinary people would just despise her because of her affiliations to the ligers. The original Ion liked/loved her because she didn’t knew the existence of the scroll nor did it control her. He wanted to keep her pure.

    I just watched this episode and I love Arietta’s death scene…. But i was dumbfounded with what Anise used to kill her.. I know Final Fury was her special but Evil Light is much more kickass.. XD

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